I am at the in-laws and they just spoiled star wars for me.

If you strike them down, they will become more jerkier than you can imagine.

It’s two fucking weeks old asshole so bite my ass and go somewhere else! I didn’t even ask that they not discuss it. They wanted to talk about it, I went to another room. But the one uncle, upon being told we hadn’t seen it, and being told we wanted no spoilers, immediately blurted out what is apparently one of the biggest spoilers in the movie.

Two weeks! We were going to see it next week! We are not asking for crazy stuff!

I can’t leave unfortunately. I am trapped here. They talked star wars on and off all night, but funny how everyone else was able to discuss their enjoyment of the movie without giving up spoilers.

I never see any movie on opening night. I bet there’s a chance to encounter spoilers. Most people have respect enough not to be a jerk, though!

Thank you guys for vindicating me? :slight_smile: well, next week! Merry Christmas!

Or any other day.

It was his boyhood sled.

(Or his mistress’s private parts.)

Star Wars is a lot closer to Edgar Rice Burroughs than to Phillip Jose Farmer. Feh. All that money and talent squandered to deliberately and carefully produce juvenile whaledreck. Harryhausen wept.

Yeah, that was pretty dickheaded, wasn’t it? I’m sorry, just chalk it up to a shitty day.

We all have our days. Christmas is one we all pretty much share.

My son, the Err Apparent, got me a whiz-bang gee whiz coffee…machine. It makes coffee. Keeps in internally, so you don’t see a coffee pot, you press your cup against it, and it delivers your coffee. OK. Got electronical readouts. One is “Code >60. Too old for third cup. Access denied.”

We will have words.

The day we went to see it, I’d been having…um…digestive difficulties the whole previous day. The teaser kind, where you feel like you might have to go but apparently don’t. About 15 minutes into the movie, my guts decide to pull the trigger, so I scurry out of the theater to the restroom and do my thing. While I’m doing my thing (15 MINUTES INTO THE MOVIE!) another showing let out and I got spoiled by some loudmouth from that showing discussing the movie loudly to someone else.

I was not happy.

You should have gone all Exorcist on their asses. Yellow, bulging eyes, head rotating 360 degrees, a deep, throaty hiss, and then green projectile over them!!!

Didja hear? jayjay got busted for possession!

Given his digestive problems, that wouldn’t spew from his mouth.

OK, it sucks to have someone spoil a movie for you.


Why the hell haven’t you seen it already?

Anaamika, I’m sorry you had to hear all that.

Firstly I’m going to see Star Wars after Xmas.
There’s a reunion of my old role-playing group (we now live all over the place - up to hundreds of miles apart.) We meet up once a year, see a film, have a meal and play a one-off game. :cool:

Secondly I’ve recently spent time with several people who’ve already seen the film. All of them have asked politely if I’ve seen Star Wars yet - and then refrained from saying anything apart from “You’ll enjoy it!”

Your in-laws should learn manners.

Humor, sneers, derision— the snark side of the Force are they!

[Yoda voice] Totally stealing “snark side of the Force” from you, I am. Good line, it is. [/Yoda voice]

Wow! Thanks for the apology, and no harm no foul.

The uncle’s son obviously felt really bad about it, and ran interference for us the rest of the night. “They haven’t seen it yet!”

As to why I haven’t seen it yet? It releases on December 18th! On December 13th I came back from a week long trip to Atlanta. On December 14th we had moving day. We have been pretty busy and kind of poor since then. Plus I never go see any movies, not even LOTR, which i love, in the first two weeks.

I think Stranger on a Train should have been the one to post a message along these lines, but since you offered, who do you want Anaamika to kill for you?

I never see movies right away, but made an exception just because I didn’t want to get spoilered.

My husband and I are seeing it next Saturday (January 2) with friends. It’s our annual get-together for exchanging Christmas gifts and catching up with each other. So far, I’ve managed to stay unspoilered. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it another week without hearing any major plot points.


This is all the OPs fault for having relatives and then for being around them. That’s a double whammy on the OP.