Suspensions should hurt.

Rigamorole just spoilered the shit out of the new Star Wars movie. Somebody else reported him.

The powers that be better not pull one of these newish lame assed short suspensions as a punishment.

It’s late and I need to hit the sack otherwise you guys would be reading a few paragraphs.

PS. These short suspension are BS in general. I actually tried to start a thread about it recently but a glitch ate my post and I said screw it.

He did it on purpose, too. Then hid behind “I didn’t know this would upset anyone!,” when the whole frigging thread is about that very exact thing. Guy’s got some sort of bizarre chip on his shoulder lately.

It’s a thread about Star Wars spoilers, and I wanted to know what specifically the OP was in a huff about. As I’ve said in that thread, I would have / should have put a spoiler box but since it’s The Pit, I didn’t think there was a rule about that there. If there is, please show it to me.

I certainly wasn’t attempting to incite the level of insane violence that a few people, such as the OP of this thread, reacted with. I was trying to discuss the actual topic of the thread. It’s not like I have or would go around posting unboxed spoilers in a thread that wasn’t a Pit thread about spoilers for that specific movie.

That thread was not “about Star Wars spoilers.” It was a poster pitting her in-laws for deliberately revealing spoiler info to her. Other people respond by agreeing the in-laws were dicks, several people saying how they had not yet seen it and were planning to this week, and so your response was to openly reveal a giant spoiler for no reason except to also be a dick.

This exactly. There’s no way you did not know this unless you actually are brain dead and some sort of simulation is posting as you in a manner they believe to be human.

And I say this as no fan whatsoever. I saw the first three back in the 80s, but haven’t seen another since. Yet I think it’s a ridiculously shitty thing to do to people when you know their level of excitement and anticipation (like how it’s in, I don’t know, A TITLE, then go ahead and spoil their funny anyway.

I just cannot imagine why you thought that would be okay and I hope TPTB make an example out of you so no future apathetic pre-teens feel the need to do the same.

I think there’s one that goes something like “don’t super transparently be the shittiest, biggest jerk you can be, in the shittiest, jerkiest ‘who me’ way,” isn’t there?

No, it isn’t.

How many other spoilers were posted in it? How many plot points were discussed? How many posts said anything at all about what was in the movie?

Star Wars, bringing people together in love and harmony since 1977.

No less than 10 years frozen in carbonite will do!

You keep saying that even though everyone else tells you you are wrong. It was thread pitting people who spoiler Star Wars. That would be you!

Darth Vader’s sled was a ghost the whole time.

Anything that pisses off Star Wars nerds is a good thing and should be encouraged.

[sub](but you pull that shit with Doctor Who and I’ll gut you!)[/sub]

Moderator Action

The issue that is behind all of this may have started in the Pit, but ATMB is not the Pit. If there’s a moderation issue here, it’s getting lost in the roar of the crowd with torches and pitchforks.

I haven’t looked at the thread in question (which there is no link to), and it’s not clear that a moderator has even had a chance to look at the thread, let alone act on it. The only thing that I can tell at this point is that the thread has been reported.

Since this thread is mostly about anger about a plot point being spoiled, I am going to move this to the Pit.

If there is a rule and/or moderation issue that needs to be discussed, feel free to start a new thread in ATMB, but keep it ATMB appropriate. Focus on what the rule violation is or what the moderation is, and not on how angry you feel that the movie was ruined for you.

Moving thread from ATMB to the Pit.

There’s no point in spoilering Doctor Who - Moffat will just retcon it all anyway.

People that drop huge spoilers on a two week old movie in places not explicitly designed for it are jerks. People who go into threads about that same two week old movie thinking it won’t be ruined are idiots. I went on a Star Wars black out months ago to prevent spoilers.

The Doctor Who threads have actually been exemplary for people just talking about a show they like, even when they don’t like it.

Yeah, classic flaming asshole. Compounded by a continued "what I did was not wrong, I can’t understand why everyone is upset.

I had (before reading the thread in question) bought tickets to go se the movie at an early showing today. So, yeah, you spoilered a movie I was going to go see in a few hours.

Thanks, asshole.

Don’t give flying shit about Dr Who. But I’m also not going to call fans of the show names, either. You are a fan of a goddamn sci-fi series involving time travel, and you call fans of another branch of sci-fi nerds?

Oh, mirror of self-awareness, enlighten this one.

It’s a fucking movie
Get over yourselves
Talk about first world problems from special little snowflakes
What are you scared that you won’t be able to talk about the character development and sound so clever while doing it

Why the hell would anyone wishing to avoid spoilers for the film even open a thread entitled ‘my in-laws spoiled Star Wars for me’?