Suspensions should hurt.

Stick with bragging about haka or some other real important stuff.

Heh, true dat :slight_smile:

It was a joke, numbnuts.

If you don’t want to read spoilers about something, don’t read a fucking thread referencing that thing.

Also, if something is “spoiled” by you finding out a few plot details, it was a pretty shitty thing to begin with.

Bullshit, you were trolling and you got caught. I don’t even care about Star Wars, but that was a 100% dick move.

No, he should be forced (heh!) to wear a gold bikini and be chained to Jabba the Hutt’s rotten stinking corpse.

Lousy douchecanoe.

Huh, I was going to say it wouldn’t make any difference, because new idiots will join from time to time, and won’t know the history of punishments. But I see THIS idiot has been registered since 2005. How bizarre. You’d think he would have noticed the “don’t be a jerk” policy by now.

Dude, that’s meta. :rolleyes:

Holy shit! Words mean different things sometimes, and meaning evolves! Who the fuck knew?
We get it, Steophan, you’re all OG curmudgeon, dropping truth bombs and shit. It’s getting old, but whatever floats your boat.

I don’t like star wars much anyway, but someone gave me a free ticket to see it last week. Meh.

Because nothing in the title says that there will be spoilers in the thread. It’s not called:

“My in-laws spoiled Star Wars for me, and now I’m going to spoil it for you!!

Yeah a bit a of dick move, but that particular spoiler is the least spoiler-ish of spoilers I’ve seen in a long time.It’s is all over the place on the interwebs; practically impossible to avoid.

(I’ve yet to see the movie and can’t wait. It was revealed to me, for the first time, in, I wanna say, a CNN article about the movie and the actor who plays the character in question.)

That’s true. And Rigamarole is an unrepentant idiot jerk.

That said, reading threads that explicitly reference a movie is fraught with peril if you want to remain ignorant of plot points. Spoiler tags do not hide the text in email, for example (if you use the email notifications) (at least, this used to be true). People will inadvertently spoil things by referencing them in a way that leads to only one possible conclusions. People will also inadvertently spoil them by trying to be super clever and making jokes that are more true than not.

Rigamarole was deliberately trying to be a jerk and a troll.

Star Wars threads are unsafe for those who do not wish to know anything about the movie.

Well I managed pretty well to avoid it until shit stain came along.

And for that matter, it sure SOUNDS to me like a major spoiler. Just because the spoiler is everywhere doesn’t mean its a minor spoiler.

This isn’t like somebody gushing about the funny flash back where R2D2 kicks Vader in the balls or some such.

A mod interpreted it as trolling, and he got a warning for it. Calling for an insta-ban or lengthy suspension is complete overkill. Unless there’s some kind of pattern of this type behavior, the which I’ve not seen any indication of.

Gee, the amount of misogyny we’ve had on this board (to give but one example of really jerkish IMPORTANT behavior), and your panties are in a bunch over spoilering Star Wars?

Lighten up Toots.

I am the op of the other thread, I didn’t want spoilers, I didn’t post any even though I got spoiled, god people are jerks, I already know how to avoid spoilers unless someone blurts them out. There wasn’t one spoiler in that thread until rigamarole came along.

My guess is there will be spoilers in this thread before long. I’d strongly suggest that anyone reading this who has not yet been spoiled get out while the getting’s good.

I saw the film on Saturday and I had not seen anything online referencing that spoiler beforehand. In fact until the thread in question, I still hadn’t run across mention of that online (unless it was an actual thread discussing the movie), so, no it was not “practically impossible to avoid.”

(I did purposefully not read the thread in question until I had seen the film, because I knew there would be a high likelihood of some douche doing exactly what Rigamarole did.)

Dick move. I haven’t seen it yet, and hadn’t seen that spoiler before that thread.

So basically, Rigamorole went full on Homer Simpson? Way to go dude. SMH.

(Link is spoiler free for the new SW movie.)