Suspensions should hurt.

Yeah, I avoided spoilers until I saw it, no problem. I didn’t open any threads on message boards titled things like “I just saw the new Star Wars Movie (spoilers)!” but I didn’t go out of my way to avoid spoilers.

Since no one has had the courtesy of coughing it up, the thread in question.


This doesn’t even make any sense. Star Wars is a shitty movie because people don’t want it spoiled before they see it?? :confused:

And it’s extremely disingenuous to keep saying the thread was about Star Wars spoilers. You’d have to be actually retarded to think that. Are you retarded? Or just a dick?

Were you aware there were people in the thread who wanted to avoid spoilers? Well, if you bothered to read the thread, and have any basic reading comprehension, you were.

Were you aware that some people care about whether they see spoilers, and strongly prefer not to? Well as that was the TOPIC of the thread, you certainly should be.

Sorry, you are just a dick. Honestly, stop trying to defend yourself. It only makes you more unpleasant. Either apologize or slink quietly away and hope people forget you did it.

I figured it was a good idea to back out of that thread exactly for that reason. I figured some goomba would come by and <insert spoiler>… and just like this thread, I’m not reading any further until I see it which will be this week.

Clearly, some people’s lives were ruined by my saying a very minor thing about a fantasy movie (which is not a surprise in the context of the painfully predictable movie either) that most people have already seen, and are talking about all over the internet, in a thread about that fantasy movie. I still don’t quite get how that works, and nobody has actually managed to articulate how they were victimized and this now ruins everything for them (it actually doesn’t, by the way). It is an extremely childish thing to get so worked up over, and if you’re going to do so, you should have to defend your own neuroses, not the other way around.

Still a dick, I see.

And now he’s just moved from dick to dick squared.

Keep fucking that Goat Rigamoron.

Try spoilering it a bit more why don’t you. PLEASE PLEASE do it.

I can hardly wait.

No. If knowing a few plot details about it spoils the film for you, it’s a shitty film. If, however, the script, acting, cinematography, direction, and so forth are good, then knowing a few plot points will make only a marginal difference, if any, to the enjoyment of it.

To say otherwise would be like saying that seeing a couple of pages of sheet music would spoil listening to a symphony. It’s utter bollocks.

That said, out of respect for other people I won’t “spoil” things. But I will think they’re overly precious twats for worrying about it.

And you are being an obnoxious little shit. rigamarole’s little stinking dung pile of assholery just drew you like a fly, didn’t it?

Isn’t that special.


In a nearby thread, we have a poster denying that there’s any substantial difference between referring to white people and black people as monkeys. This is supposed to be less shitty, jerky behavior than telling people some plot detail of the new star wars movie?

Yeah, the guy was a dick and unapologetic. We have unapologetic dicks here all the time. Leave him his warning and be done with it, don’t start a stupid personal vendetta. It’s a freakin’ movie. Not even a profound one, just an 7-8/10 pulp Sci-fi action movie, the likes of which we get pretty much every year. It’s not going to change your life.

Don’t flatter yourself. No one’s life was ruined. Some people’s enjoyment of a movie was diminished. Because you were and are a jerk. I’m glad I didn’t interact with you before seeing the movie. I like my movies to have surprises, even minor ones.

God, you’re dumb. As good as the original films were, “I am your father” was by far the most talked about moment (as I understand it; I was too young to see that one when it came out). Personally, I found the moment that was spoiled in the other thread predictable, but it was still the most dramatic moment of the film. In any case, other than your self-appointment as board contrarian there is no reason for you to dismiss the basis for others’ enjoyment of the film.

Having read that thread, I am firmly in the “he’s a dick” camp. On the other hand, I am also in the “after two weeks, you only have yourself to blame if you get spoilered now because you should know people are dicks.”

What?!? Jabba’s dead? When the hell did that happen?

Dude, spoilers!

Yeah, but you see, it’s like this. There is not a finite number of things I have to limit myself to or a set amount of disgust that I have to spread around. If I want to dish some out to a dick who spoilered a movie I was looking forward to seeing, I still have plenty left for misogyny and racism and etc.

I can find more than one thing reprehensible. And yes I know not all are equally important.

I’m pretty sure, if one tried really hard, one might be able to participate in BOTH of those threads. As people tend to be multifaceted.

One track minded people tend to be annoying no matter how righteous the cause is they’re droning on about.


One either cares about misogyny or Star Wars. Since I am not a woman I don’t need to care about misogyny so I care about Star Wars spoilers.

Yes, but the title of this thread is suspensions should hurt. In other words, spoilering Star Wars should be a suspendable offense and should hurt - but misogyny and racism - hey, those should be A-OK with the community - those we should tolerate.