Dirty Ass Fucker!

You just don’t do some shit. Like blurt out information about a show you know someone is watching. Its just not cool.

Damn you Friedo! I didn’t want to know what was going to happen until I saw it. Sure the show isn’t that great, but still its the principle of the thing.

You sore ridden pus magot I hope someone ruins all the endings of every movie you haven’t seen.

I am shocked and mortified that I would be implicated in a show-spoiling incident. What proof do you have that it was me, besides your unfounded accusations? Where’s the evidence? I mean, I can understand your motivation for slandering me, after I stole your girlfriend (Oops, I mean girlfriends) and ruined your credit rating and all. But I thought we were over that, weren’t we?

Oh, I know, this is part of your scheme to get back at me for that thing with your Calculus professor. I already told you I don’t know how my camcorder got there, or why there was a brand new tape in it or why it was recording or how the tape ended up in the dean’s office. These random things just sorta happen, ya know?

And I thought we had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t me who masterminded that whole “murder Tim’s family” thing.

So, what’s with the grudge, chum? Why the false accusations? Why am I becoming the innocent victim of your character assassination?

If this continues, I may be forced to no longer consider you my friend.


Er, is there a link to go with this, or shall we all interpret this as some elaborate inside joke between the two a ya?

Given the obscure nature of this thread, I think it safe to conclude that The Time is a fuckhead, Friedo is a louse, and Duck Duck Goose smells like stagnant sewer water.


Your thread title has given me the mental image of Pigpen boinking Linus. I really didn’t need that.

By the way…in Titanicthe ship sinks.

Well, don’t I feel sheepish now…with an OP like that, I expected a vat of Astroglide to be included somewhere.
Psst… Bruce Willis is dead after say the first 20 minutes or so. Kevin Bacon doesn’t have to “dig” he just needs to look for in the foundation/pipes. Bruce Willis is nuts and/or from the future. Neve Campbell is more intelligent (and bisexual) than she lets on. Bruce Willis will save the day, again. The gimp is Kaiser Soze`. Bruce Willis saves the day, again. Etc, Etc, Etc…

You misspelled “maggot” :smiley:

Now if she only liked SDMB posters named after
British pop bands, I’d be all set!

You know, how many movies/tv shows has she kissed another woman in? I can think of at least 4 off the top of my head…

Andygirl…yes, I know, but I for one am NOT complaining… :smiley:

Since this has been hijacked into a give-away-the-ending thread, what the hell:

–Snake Plissken pulls the ol’ switcheroo again.
–The voice over narrator of “Fallen” is not “who” you think it is.
–The Jewel of The Nile is some nerdy-looking dude.
–The “Planet of The Apes” is actually Earth in the future
and finally:
–Soylent Green is people!

Sir Rhosis

P. S. And am I the only one who thinks the title is a bit unnecessary, or am I being overly critical?

And don’t forget… Darth Vader is Luke’s father!

Sometimes spoilers don’t help. I’ve had Sixth Sense explained to me twice now, and I still don’t get it. Bruce Willis is dead? Or the kid is just crazy?

My first thought is, “Is there another kind of ass fucker?” Of course, maybe I don’t have my modifier affiliated correctly. Instead of a dirty fucker of asses, maybe he means a fucker of dirty asses? Either way, I think it’s a bit of an oxymoron.

And no, I’m not being a prude. Dirty can be a good thing, especially when you’re ass-fucking.

** Ducky**, sit here. Yes, here. (Holding her hands gently, dimming the lights, putting on my favorite “Music to Dissect Films By” CD, featuring The Clash). It was given away in a single shot that doesn’t last long, and is foreshadowed by the shot IMMEDIATELY preceeding it. At the end…she is on the couch, and she drops Bruce’s wedding band out of her hand. It rolls across the floor. He’s dead and buried, she’s sad and lonely, and that fucking basement door is STILL bothering me big-time. And, by the by, you have the * SOFTEST* hands !

Oh, and Rosebud is the sled in Citizen Kane :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Rhett ditches Scarlett
The “woman” from The Crying Game is a man.

Luke and Leia are twins.

Here, let me save you some time: Spoilers.

** WHAT??? **

<sputtering> but…but…this explains NOTHING ! :stuck_out_tongue: