This thread contains spoilers DO NOT READ THIS THREAD

Chances are, you’re going to read this thread anyway, out of sheer curiosity. Was the title not enough of a warning? This thread contains spoilers people! For a great many movies, games, books etc. Most of these, you won’t have anything spoiled. You know it already. Others, you won’t know. Question is, will you open the spoiler boxes for things you don’t know yet? This to me is a great challenge; I dont want things spoiled, but sometimes, I cant resist opening the box. Then, when the “Aw, Man!” sets in, I have no-one to blame but myself. What type of person are you? To spoil or not to spoil? Try these: I should stress, some of these are MASSIVE THERMONUCLEAR FREAKIN’ spoilers which may ruin enjoyment of their respective movies. If you dont want to know, then dont open the boxes. And don’t balme me! This is an experiment I’d like to try. Feel free to post more yourselves.

At the end of The Sixth Sense, we discover

Bruce Willis is a ghost

At the end of Citizen Kane, we discover

Rosebud is his sled

Halfway through Serenity

Book dies

then later,

Wash dies too.

At the end of Fight Club, we discover

Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are the same person.

At the end of The Perfect Storm

All the fishermen drown, George, everyone.

At the end of Die Hard

Bruce kills Hans, then the other blond henchman shows up from nowhere, and he dies too.

At the end of The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Vader reveals himself to be Lukes Dad.

You forgot in Serenity

we find out the Reavers were once Human

So, why the spoiler boxes?

Charles Shultz spoiled Citizen Cane in national news papers accross the country. Linus is sitting watching TV and Lucy asks him what he was watching. He says Citizen Cane and that he has never seen it. She then says Rose bud was his sledLinus then screams in frustration.

I do not understand people who open threads about entertainments they have not yet experienced, encounter spoilers, and then gripe at the person who posted the spoiler for doing it. I’ve had people gripe at me for posting alleged spoilers months or years after the fact, and I am all about the “bitch, don’t open the thread.” Seriously, if the thread is about that great new movie and you haven’t seen the movie yet but intend to, don’t open the thread. Wait until after you’ve seen the movie. If it’s about a movie/book/video game/whatever that’s been out for a while, don’t be surprised if plot points of the thing that’s been out there for months or years or decades are given away.

And that goes double or triple for threads that a) contain the name of the entertainment in the thread title or b) has the word SPOILERS right in the thread title.

Now, if the thread is about Entertainment A and someone brings up Entertainment B, then yeah, definitely err on the side of caution when discussing B. But for real, don’t get pissed off if you get spoiled for Entertainment A since you knew the likelihhod of A spoilers in a thread about A is very high.

Murder on the Orient Express:

They all did it! Everyone who was a suspect was in on the plot to kill the old bastard and each took a turn stabbing him.


The killer (Kevin Spacey) has killed Brad Pitt’s wife & stuck her head in the box that Pitt opens. Pitt then shoots Spacey in a fit of RAGE - the last of the seven deadly sin.

Old Yeller:

The dog gets rabies & is put down.


The construction co. that built the tract house complex never moved the bodies! The corpses of the disturbed dead start erupting out of the ground, the house implodes, and the family get a hotel room without a tv set!

Friday the 13th (original):

The one surviving camp counselor of Mrs. Voorhees’ mass murder spree takes off in a canoe. The next morning, everything is peaceful & wonderful, she’s safe…but WAIT! She’s not safe! Here comes Jason from the bottom of the lake, dragging her down…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!..oh wait, it was all just a dream. Or was it???

At the beginning of “Sixth Sense”

Bruce Willis is killed and is obviously a ghost thru the whole movie.

In Apollo 13:

All the astronauts make it home safely

In Titanic

The ship sinks.

We already knew that. We just didn’t know…

…what caused them to become Reavers.

In the middle of the Sixth Sense…

Nothing much has changed. Bruce Willis is still a ghost.

In War of the Worlds

Dakota Fanning screams … a lot.

In Soylent Green:

The soylents have different colors, not just green

In the Little Mermaid

She gets the prince and they live happily ever after.

In Cinderella:

She gets the prince and they live happily ever after.

In Sleeping Beauty:

She gets the prince and they live happily ever after.

In Aladdin:

He gets the* princess *and they live happily ever after.
Oh, and he frees the Genie with his last wish.

In the Princess Bride:

The Princess Bride (Buttercup) does not get the Prince, and lives happily ever after

In Alien

The cat survives.

In The Crying Game

She’s a he.

In The Day of the JackalDe Gaulle is not assassinated

In The Eagle has LandedWinston Churchill is not assassinated

In JFKKennedy is assassinated.

This joke

has run its course.

In Sahara

Dirk Pitt ends up with the car AND the girl!