Suspensions should hurt.

Thing can’t be bad, because other thing is worse! GUYS, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THING! HAVEN’T YOU HEARD ABOUT OTHER THING?!?!??!?!?

Most blatantly misogynistic or racist posts lead to insta-bans, so nobody needs to start threads about how the punishments are too light. We can argue about whether people who are always bringing up scientific racism or anti-feminism should be punished, but they are at least trying to debate (usually). The post at issue here was not a good faith attempt at debate or satire, or whatever, it was just somebody being a dick. It’s the SW equivalent of starting a GD thread titled “fuck them ni**ers!”

If there is a particular example of misogyny or racism that gets a pass and you don’t think it should, I encourage you to start another thread about it. I’ll probably be in agreement with you.

I dare you to try this shit with Game of Thrones.

Why can’t he be both?

Aren’t you the guy who gets so pissed off about the personal inconvenience of receiving an Amber Alert that there’s an abducted fucking child in your vicinity that you go into a rage?

Apologize or bugger off.

Please. No one is saying this. Or at least I’m not. I don’t know the other thread that you are referring to, but yeah, there are lots of assholes. At this moment, in this thread, we are saying this particular asshole acted like a dick, and should be punished accordingly. No one is saying take his punishment out of the supply that we use for racists. Because, you know, we have an unlimited supply. No need to ration it out.

Did you mean to say “and”?

Obviously people can be multifaceted, and I’d be pissed at Rigmarole too if I had read that thread before catching the movie. The point being, it’s not policy here to ban people or give them long suspensions for being even gigantic perpetual assholes with no redeeming value, so why start here?

You get a banhammer! And you get a banhammer!

I’m actually okay with a warning.

Yeah, I’ve never stated that a suspension is the right answer here,much less the dreaded banhammer based on what the asshole has done so far.

But, by god, if we need’em, we have an unlimited supply. :stuck_out_tongue:

You did a jerk move and hurt some people for no reason. You didn’t kill anyone or ruin any lives, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t do a shitty thing that decreased some people’s enjoyment of a movie.

Decent people recognize when they do shitty things by mistake, admit to it, apologize, and honestly try to improve themselves. You’re making it a much, much bigger deal by demonstrating how much you aren’t a decent person so far.

It decreased some people’s enjoyment. Not the end of the world, but still a shitty thing to do, especially because it takes absolutely no effort whatsoever to avoid doing it.

Word to the wise. Apologize, then lay low for awhile. Don’t think about it. Just do it.

Rigamarole, I noticed that you’ve been all over the map with different excuses for your assholish behavior. Let’s review (and I’m obviously paraphrasing here):

  1. The thread was about spoilers!
  2. How does this possibly affect anyone’s enjoyment of the film?
  3. The movie’s been out for almost two weeks! Most people have seen it already!
  4. Meh, it’s a crappy movie anyway, so who cares?
  5. You’re all being childish. I am above such immature nonsense.
  6. This is the Pit and I can say whatever I want! Show me the rule I broke!

I don’t know how old you are, Rigamarole. I’m guessing you’re in your 20s, because most adults over 30 have learned an important life lesson, which I will impart to you now: multiple excuses are always less convincing than one. The fact that you’re throwing out a potpourri of defenses is a dead giveaway that you deliberately set out to be an asshole when you posted your spoiler. And now you’re doubling down and refusing to apologize simply because you’re having too much fun being an asshole.

Aren’t you the guy who was willing to let a homeless dude die of hypothermia because it might “foster dependence” or something?

Honestly, I would have if the reaction wasn’t so ridiculously overblown. As I said there and here, I wasn’t intending to incite that kind of reaction, and so contend that I wasn’t trolling (come on, I’ve been here 10 years with 10k+ posts, not something one does just to go for the impact of the long-burn troll). But I nonetheless accept the warning and I can be reasonable about being more careful to spoiler-box in the future. That’s not a problem, and I can appreciate the reasonable moderation rather than the “OMG OFF WITH HIS HEAD PERMA-INSTABAN!!!1” bullshit that the OP here would have.

If it was just a simple “Hey man, you shouldn’t say that, why’d you say that? Spoiler box that shit.” I’d have said “OK, my bad!” But it wasn’t that. And I don’t feel obligated to appease somebody as neurotic and fucking precious as billfish.

Okay, then. I’ll add “I would have apologized if you guys hadn’t been so mean to me!” to my list of your bullshit excuses above.

Forget it, he’s dickrolling.