Suspensions should hurt.

My point exactly.

I propose we call him Dickamarole from now on. Or Dickonaroll. Either one suits him.

Except we don’t ration it out, we seldom use it. Which, by the way, I’m OK with - I’ve been on this board 20 years - a little misogyny, racism, intolerance of religion - sometimes it gets to me, usually I just avoid it. Its free speech, part of the culture - and when its blatant, the perp gets quickly banned.

Calling for a suspension for spoilers…lacks perspective.

See, the key word there is decent. And you’re talking about chucklefuck and his lackey. Not a decent bone in their bodies, I’m sure, unless it’s self-serving.

As to the side discussion on more serious issues not being instabans versus this one… those seem a lot harder to moderate, whereas spoiling a movie (especially in the exact way this was done) is a pretty easy, bright line offense. Simple to see and instantly correct by booting their ass out the door. I mean really, does anyone believe this guy ever plays well with others?

It isn’t an offense I think should be bannable, and we’ve had plenty of yahoos who don’t play well with others on those more important topics.

I just want to know what makes you think you have the right to piss on someone’s parade?

Dangerosa, you and I are not even disagreeing in this. I never said it should have been a suspension, a ban, or anything. I expected a warning, and the mods did so.

I know the OP called for more drastic measures, but I expect he came here and threw down his outrage in a moment of anger and then later decided not to double down. Or at least I am surmising that since from very early in the thread no one is arguing that Dickonaroll should be shot at dawn.

I do find Dickonaroll’s refusal to admit he was tiny bit wrong to be telling.

It wasn’t Homer who did it, but some idiot spoiled ESB for me while I was in line, just like that clip.

Dick, you may think we’ll just forget about this, but I for one am:
Never gonna give it up
Never gonna let it down
Never gonna run around
or de-dick you!

When I was a kid, waiting in line with my parents to see Star Trek II Wrath of Khan, the people watching it before us came out and a stupid kid started yelling “Spock dies! Spock dies!”. It’s a good thing his dad cuffed him because there was almost a riot in the line.

In that instance it was a 12 year old boy, not a grown-ass man-boy.


He got better.

Yeah, I don’t see a lot of love for the “long ban” idea. Just a request for the dude to apologize for acting like a dick.

I’ll see the movie when it hits streaming, but this made me laugh.

Oh and people who spoil are less than smegma.

Just more trying to play the victim, instead of recognizing the mistake and apologizing. Perhaps some folks over-reacted, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t decrease the enjoyment of a movie for some posters here – and if you’re a decent person (which seems less and less likely by your posts so far) you’d apologize to them without qualification or excuses.

Spoiler for the SDMB:

And it was coming from inside the house!!! :eek:

Snape kills Dumbledore

Rigamarole, you were trolling and you fucking know it. Quit playing the whole, “I’m not touching you!” game.

Heh. I got that one.

Right, because long term complex social problems involving millions of people we’ve been working on for decades with likely decades to go are just like one off, easily preventable dick moves by a single person so any outrage directed at one is at the expense of the other. Or not.