Suspensions should hurt.

False dichotomy. I’d already seen it, and am on record as saying I thought it was just OK, and I still thought it was a dick move. I’d have bought you didn’t mean it if you’d tried to retract it, but the double down just marks you as a size large asshole.

Oh, I’m not defending Rigamarole. Assholish thing to do, and not backing down and apologizing is telling.

However, Billfish’s “Lighten Up Toots” is not going to get me to think he’s anything other than a class A jerk either. Either than or he is completely tone deaf. For someone so easy to call someone out for being an asshole, he sure plays the casual “funny misogyny” card at the drop of a hat. Because “har-har - woman has opinion - insert sexist joke here” never gets old.

You all miss the obvious with your self righteousness. The existence of the pit is used as a tool to attempt to hurt others. Some Star Wars nerds are butt hurt cause they saw a spoiler, how much emotional hurt have these same people inflicted on others when they participate in “pitting?” Perhaps this is karma of a sort.

Now, it would be wise to avoid a thread bitching about spoilers if you don’t want to be spoiled since I’ve seen spoilers in some pretty random places on the Internet. I didn’t even open a fortune cookie from the Chinese place cause I didn’t want to be possibly trolled by those people. Can’t be too cautious in this day and age.

Tone deaf? You set the tone with your remark about getting your panties in a bunch.

you’d think the people on the Smartest Message Board in the World would understand that.

You really think you got that response because you “had an opinion”? Just any ol’ opinion?


This is fucking stupid. Some people read Pit threads without ever posting in them. What the fuck did they do wrong?

“Star Wars nerds” would have seen the movie in the first few days, it’s casual fans that don’t want to be spoiled.

Think bad thoughts?

No, I got that response because I’m female.


You GOT that response because you decided to start bitching about “what about misogyny” AND kinda being a dick (heh) about it.

And for THAT matter the response, which could be interpreted as misogynonistic, was intentionally designed to be about as low grade as one could be and actually both be ironic and make the point.

You are sitting here (well your there one supposes) about hurt feelings on the internet.

There are 100 of millions of people on the planet starving to death.

What kind of ##%%%#%# are you have your panties in a bunch about “lighten up Toots” when people are starving to death?

Oddly, no other females got that response. Let me break this down for you. You got that response for 2 reasons:

  1. You came in here and insulted the OP. Nothing wrong with that, this bing the Pit and all, but you should fully expect retaliation when you insult someone.

  2. You sounded like some bad-dream of a feminist complaining that people shouldn’t be upset about things because… misogyny. And on top of that you threw in a sexist remark about “panties”, which was kind of ironic since that is a misogynist joke between men.

Billfish came back with a short, sweet retort. I literally laughed out loud. You got exactly what you deserved-- which, btw, was a slight poke in the side to “lighten up”. Sheesh.

fwiw, I read it as ironic – an intentionally misogynistic response because you came in complaining about misogyny when it was kinda irrelevant to the thread. Yes, the world is full of problems. That doesn’t mean people can’t bitch about minor problems just because there are also major problems out there. And chastising people for bitching about little things that annoy them is rarely the way to enlist them in your cause, whatever your cause might be.

This was my take too. And if BCP (who is male, if I recall correctly) had posted all that first, then billfish would’ve said that to him too, regardless of gender. This whole surreal hijack reminds me of the time teckchick flew off the handle in the pit and couldn’t believe others didn’t care as much as she did about her friend, that no one knew but her, who had died. Very odd that folks don’t realize that 1) you can care simultaneously about multiple things, and 2) that certain behaviors are easier to bright line moderate than others.

I remember our very own Misogyny-gate and how difficult it was to get through a lot of heads what was considered appropriate or not, what didn’t come across to women as “just harmless fun,” how frustrating it felt to supposedly be in a safer place and yet still feel a ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ by those who engaged in throw away lines, and on and on. It took forever, we lost several very valuable posters and for the longest time, the women involved were sometimes made to look like humorless gits. So, if something seems that obvious to one faction but apparently is completely opaque to the other, why would anyone think that now, tangentially, that should be on the same par as “Intentionally spoil the biggest movie of the year just because your a dickhead = ban”? One seems very, very hard (although extremely worthy), the other so simple a three year old could do it.

Calm down there’s no need to get all hysterical. We’re all butt-buddies here.

Speak for yourself dude. We haven’t even spent a night at the YMCA at the same time.

In their naivety they underestimated the perversity of the type of folk that inhabit a place called the “pit” while browsing a thread about Star Wars spoilers. The probability of seeing a spoiler was high. Did they do anything morally wrong? No. But it was foolish. Having unprotected sex with a skank isn’t morally wrong but if the blue waffles aren’t sufficient to warn one of the risks then pitting the skank isn’t going to help.

Victim-blaming is always wrong, even when the steps the victim can take to avoid being victimized are easy.

I forgot where I got spoiled about Star Wars where x happened due to y but it pissed me off because it was so random. You are somewhat right the blame is on the one doing the spoiling but if you don’t want to be spoiled you need to work to avoid it. I couldn’t even go to because of stupid click bait spoiling The Walking Dead.