Trunk, which part of "stop hijacking this thread" did you not understand?

No part of it.

I understood the whole fucking thing.

I just obviously don’t fucking care because you’re being fucking obtuse and you fucking know it.

I think you need a new hobby, in the real world. Between The Wire and There Will Be Blood, you seem to be expending an inordinate amount of emotion on fictional entertainment.

You’re pissed because your television show got spoiled? By someone so new, they didn’t know how to use spoiler tags. Y’know, at first I thought you were pitting yourself, but I can understand why you’d be too embarrassed to name the thread “I was a big whiney assed baby and the mods didn’t indulge my temper tantrum.”


Delete the post at least. Close this one down, too. No need to let others mouse over a huge fucking spoiler that adds nothing at all to the discussion.

I completely understand where Trunk is coming from. If you’re not a complete asshole, you keep that spoiler to yourself. It was clearly meant to be a surprise within the as-yet unaired episode, which I’m guessing will be the series finale. I hope that was fake.

Now I don’t feel quite so bad.

He’s pissed because someone felt the need to join this board for the sole purpose of spoiling a much loved show.

I know what you mean Trunk. I haven’t read Harry Potter books 6 and 7, and I was just as angry when I learned that Professor Snape had a threesome with Ron and Hermione.

Was that the only reason? That poster told you so? Or Trunk’s amazing psy powers just overwhelmed him into admitting it? The poster apologized and asked it to be hidden. It was. I’m willing to give someone with two whole posts the benefit of the doubt on not being able to understand quite how the spoiler tags work here.

Trunk, on the other hand, has been here long enough to know to start a thread here if he’s going to bitch over someone “ruining” his precious, and to at least do more than throw out one sentence and a link and call it a thread. Instead, he threw a temper tantrum and didn’t even bother to go into any detail in his OP. So, yeah. His rant sucks. Had he done more than point in incoherent rage and scream “WAAAH!” then maybe I could be buggered to actually work up some empathy. He didn’t. He was an asshole in that thread, and he was a lazy whiney doofus in this one.

It’s a television show. Is it really worth getting THAT pissed about? So pissed that you take off on someone who’s been here all of five seconds because it RUINED YOUR LIFE!!!1! that your television show isn’t as enjoyable as it was before you opened a thread? Trunk, get over yourself.

whatever you say.

My goodness! :eek:
Was one of them an animagus? :confused:

The next time you have a problem with someone else’s post, you might want to click on the “Report This Post To The Moderator” button that sits in the upper right-hand corner of every post. You know, the big red triangle button.


I did.

Not only did I, but someone else had before I got there.

The fact that it is even still there suggests that SkipMagic would now just feel emasculated over removing it because he’s been called out about it.

What? He’s giving the benefit of the doubt to a guy whose one single post was the biggest possible spoiler for a show that many of us have been following and discussing here for 5 years?

Just what the fuck is a moderator here for if it’s not to protect long-time board members from outsiders coming in and being complete fucking douche bags with their posts?

They’re right on it if I tell a guy “put ice on it” if he sprains his ankle, or if it looks like someone might get called a name in the wrong forum.

Yes, you did. You reported a post that had already been edited to include a “Season Spoiler!” title and spoiler tags for the reveal itself. But it wasn’t enough that you made the mistake of ignoring all the warnings and spoiled yourself anyway; no, you couldn’t take responsibility for that, so you chose to start insulting someone who had already apologized for his mistake. And when you were warned to stop the insults and hijack? You came right back to continue the hijack and accuse Fever of being a troll.

You’re upset. Fine, yeah, we get that. But your anger doesn’t excuse you from following the rules of whatever forum you’re in at the time. Nor does it give you any special insight into whether a person’s trolling. As far as I’m concerned, at this moment, I’m not going to condemn a guest who’s only made two posts, with one of them being an apology for his earlier mistake.

The newbie’s excuse was that he didn’t know better, and he apologized for it. What’s your excuse for acting like a douchebag and posting crap that you damn well know doesn’t belong anywhere except maybe The BBQ Pit?

Yeah, I do.

Have some perspective.

This morning, I’d been reading the 3:10 to Yuma thread, and the There Will Be Blood thread, and happily mousing over all spoilers.

In addition, with a show like The Wire where some people get it on Demand early, they will post spoilers before that week’s episode airs, and it’s common to roll over them.

I guess that putting Season Spoiler in the title bar just trumps all that, though.

I guess you’re incapable of taking that post off for any future thread readers and letting Fever gently know, “we value all contributions, but that’s a little too much information, even for a spoiler.”

My excuse is the off chance that a Wire fan comes in and sees a little furor in the thread BEFORE mousing over that spoiler.

What a stupid little thing you mods are circling your wagons around.

Just delete it with a polite explanation to the “new” poster. problem solved.

Warning! If you click on Find All Posts by Fever (the guest), the info in the spoiler box is there.

I didn’t know that. :mad:

I think it was incredibly moronic of Fever to post what he did. The apology mitigates it but not by much. Anyone over the age of 12 should know better. The fact that the spoiler is all he had to say takes it from moronic to just plain evil.

That’s no longer true (at least for me it isn’t): perhaps it takes a little time for the board’s software to catch up with a moderator editing a post.

Yeah, it does. You know why? This is a message board, a text-based medium. If you’re not going to actually bother to read what the post says (including the title with nice bold letters), then you’re going to continue being disappointed. Your inability to pay attention does not give you a license to be an asshole.

I’m with Trunk and AuntiePam on this. I was the thread OP and was subscribed to the thread. Fever’s post was the second to the thread, and was e-mailed to me, so there was no stopping it from going out. I had no idea what I was getting. I fucking read it. I was quite put out that a significant aspect of my favorite show was ruined. Really fucking pissed, actually. This is not what’s supposed to happen here. It kind of counteracts the benefits of posting a thread to the Dope for discussion in the first place.

If you can’t understand why this is aggravating, Maureen, you’re not trying hard enough. You don’t like Trunk? Fine. But his outrage is not out of proportion to the offense. Surely you have some favorite TV show? Or have been in the middle of a suspenseful, intense book you really enjoyed? If some asshole walked up to you and completely ruined a major plot point, you’d have no negative response? Bullshit. It’s fucked up to do that to people who have invested lots of time watching the show and who don’t want it ruined for them. Your demeaning, shitty response to Trunk is just adding insult to injury.

The post was in violation of all the rules of spoilage on the Dope. If you’re a guest, shouldn’t you fucking check out the rules of the place before you make your first post ever, totally spoiling a major plot point of a beloved show? Yes, you should. If you don’t, you’re an asshole. Apologies afterwards are all well and good, but really, Fever could have and should have known better.

I’m also in agreement with Trunk about the nature of Fever. But I might be wrong. Sure seems like spiteful assholishness to me. If he’s not a spiteful asshole, then he’s just stupid. We definitely need more of that around here.

Thanks to CKDexterHaven for deleting the content of the post. It was too late to prevent me (and probably others) but at least he went ahead and did it.