I Am Bubble Boy (poker-related)

I played another tournament tonight. My fourth. My goal in playing these tournaments initially was just to last longer each night than I did the previous tournament. My first tournament I was out in about an hour. The second I was in for about 1.5 hours. The third I was in for about 2 hours and tonight I was in for three hours. The final table is eight and I finished ninth.

I think I’ve been playing pretty well for my level of tournament experience. I feel like a few times I’ve been able to get reads on other players and I’ve called them with hands that were marginal but better than theirs and took down the pots. I tend to play pretty tight and I think I have a table image of playing when I have a hand and not doing a lot of bluffing. I don’t know if this is costing me bets or not; about the same number of people seem to play every hand whether I’m in or not. The only decision I made tonight that I look back on with some regret was that I folded A-4 suited with four other people in. I thought hard about it and decided that it wasn’t quite strong enough. Had I stayed in I would’ve won with a pair of 4s with Ace kicker, but it could just as easily have gone the other way so I’m not that broken up about it.

Tonight we were down to the final two tables. Antes were $5,000, no blinds, and I had $30,000, so six antes. I just was not getting any cards. At one point when I was down to about $20,000 I said to myself, OK, if I pick up anything other than 7-2 I’m going all in. SO I pick up, of course, 7-2. Followed the next hand by 3-2 offsuit. Finally I have $10,000 and I pick up J-10 offsuit in second position. First face card I’ve seen for several hands so I go all in with my big $10,000 bet. Ended up on the river with a little pair on the board and I lost to a King kicker.

Overall I think I did quite well for someone at my experience level. I finished in the “money” (it’s a point system for a final tournament for prizes) for the first time and I’ll be somewhere around 90th ranked out of 500 (final tournament will be for the winners of each of 40 tournaments plus the next 40 highest point totals). If I can finish in the points a few more times over the next eight weeks I have a shot at the finals.

Anybody got any goos stories about recent bad beats? How’re the Doper tournaments going?

So this is like…ummm… real (not virtual) dollar bill money where you’re talking about making or losing 10K and 20K bets? :confused:

No, it’s a points tournament, for prizes. Top prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas.

And that’s “good” stories I was looking for, not “goos” stories.

Although if you have a good goos story, feel free.

Otto, are you studying any methodology? I like Phil Gordon’s commentary so I assume that I would like his book.

I’ve read a book by a guy called Gary Carson and I watch pretty much every poker event on TV (and of course the threads here on the topic). I think I have a pretty solid foundation of the mechanics; where I need work is on reading other players and just general experience. The more I can move off playing my cards and on to playing other players the better I think I’ll get.

Phil Gordon doesn’t have a book, you may be thinking Phil Hellmuth.

Also, I suggest referring to tournament chips as, say, T10,000 or 10,000 chips. I really hate what televised poker has done to confuse people. Most people think tournament chips have real cash value, when they don’t, because poker shows try to be sensational and say “wow, he just bet a million dollars!”. Anyway, I recommend people use T### or just ### chips, it prevents that confusion.

I’m figuring he meant Phil Gordon’s commentary from “Celebrity Poker Showdown” and assumed he had a book out. Gordon did write a 20-or-so-page booklet for the celebrities appearing on the show; I bet that would be an interesting little read.

Off-topic, Phil Gordon is going to be on next week’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. But not as the Straight Guy.

So since my 9th-place finish I’ve played three more times. Last Thursday I just played stupid. Out in 20 minutes on some really dumbass plays. I don’t know what the hell happened.

Last night I finished 20th out of a field of about 110. Took a big hit early and it was a struggle to come back. I was holding A-J offsuit, both red. The people in pre-flop, I’m last to act. Flop comes J-J-little, two clubs and a spade. Everyone checks. Turn is 9 spades. Two checks in front of me, I move all in T9800. One guy folds, second guy calls; he has less than me so I have about T2000 left after matching him. He turns up K-little spade. River comes 2 spades so he busts my trip Js with a spade flush. A few hands later I’m down to T800 after the ante. I pick up 9-3 offsuit in first position and think what the fuck and go all in. Two calls. 9 comes on the flop, turn no help, 3 on the river so I triple up with two pair. I manage to stay in picking up some little pots here and there but not building my stack at all relative to the other players at my table. Finally I was down to T15000 with antes at T5000. I push in my last two chips on a 8-7 diamonds. I ended up making two pair but got busted out by a little straight. I finished in the points for the final tournament and won a lovely deck of Crown Royal playing cards.

Tonight I took an early lead at my table getting a little lucky. Went all in pre-flop with K-10 clubs and ended up against A-10 hearts and a K came on the flop. Then I took a couple of big hits committing a lot of chips with top pair and a flush draw and got beat by trips, then went all in on a stone bluff against a guy who flopped a straight. After that I was down to T400 so I went all in before the deal. Picked up 3-2 offsuit. Great. Flop comes J-3-2 rainbow, giving me two pair with four people in. Yay for me. First person goes all in on the flop, second person calls all in, third person calls. There are now three pots going. They turn up A-A, J-8 suited and 6-6 so I’m out front. Turn’s no help to anyone, then an 8 comes on the river, giving J-8 two pairs so he takes all three pots and the Aces and I are out in like 89th and 88th places.

Everyone’s telling me I look like Howard Lederer (I’m not finding a pic of Howard wearing a goatee which is what I have, plus I’m lighter than he’s looking in the beard pic) so I’m trying to cultivate a table image similar to his with the contemplative looks and what-not. Not like I think it’s giving me that much of an edge but hey, if being linked to Howard in other people’s minds helps me get over on them even a little bit I’ll take whatever advantage I can.

I usually have plans Wednesday night but they might have fallen through; if so I’ll play again tomorrow. Otherwise my next game will be Thursday.