I am curious [what is the purpose of this site]

What is the purpose of this site?

Who runs it?

In the company bio, it states just that, “company”.


Kinda the same track of what I was reading. Thanks for the input.

Fighting Ignorance since 1973, or so I’ve been told.

The site is the official message board for what used to be the nationally syndicated newspaper column, The Straight Dope (1973-2018). It is currently owned and operated by Sun-Times Media LLC (as in the newspaper, The Chicago Sun-Times), which bought The Straight Dope and this message board from its previous newspaper, the Chicago Reader. Sun-Times has changed hands a couple times recently and I think it is currently owned by a holding company backed by Chicago investors like Michael Sacks and Rocky Wirtz.

You can read the old columns at the parent site, https://www.straightdope.com


Thank you max.

As for the purpose: answering questions, debating the great issues of the day, and talking about kittens. Plus pie. With a side of smart-assery. I hope you like it.

Kitten pictures are mandatory here.

And puppy and dog pictures, also mandatory.

(And this is from a cat person , no less)

No, that’s a common misconception. Dog pictures are mandatory because they’re so darn cute. Kitten pictures are tolerated because we’re an open-minded lot.



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At the top right corner of the page, just to the left of the magnifying glass, click on the 3 horizontal bars for a dropdown menu. It contains links to the FAQ and “About”.

Your thread title answers your question. It’s why I joined 15 years ago.

I wonder whether there’s connection between those nine lives and curiosity…

Sounds about right. I found the Straight Dope & SDMB several times answering the questions of an 8 year old and a couple of times for myself.

Kick names and take @$$.

I thought this was a professional political site. Thank you for your time and responses. Have a great day.

Let’s not forget gumming chew.

Well, I got paid.