Straight Dope's boards-- why no upgrade?

This site is full of intelligent people, an people who run it are so smart but its so unsophisticated compared to other discussion forums I post on including Rabbittalk and Rabbitsonline (no I’m not kidding, there are 2000 members on those forums and I am one). On those forums you can post photos and live videos, and there’s a window where you can see the last thread you posted on, an who answered you, and like and thank you buttons on the thread posts etc… and a selection of a thousand emotions including a bunny that jumps around with a pancake on its head, so in comparison the rabbit enthusiasts have far superior message boards, why is Straight Dope so behind?

Honestly, I’m GLAD the Dope isn’t cluttered with photos and videos and gunk. And I’m not certain, but I’m fairly certain that is on purpose. A simple link to photos n vids seems perfectly fine to me.

The day that rabbit crap lands on this board will be the day I leave for good.

Being the intelligent and smart people we are, we prefer to visualize the jumping bunnies with pancakes on their heads. In 4D in fact.

Pork and beans.
Chicken and waffles.
Rabbit and pancakes.

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It’s the words rather than pictures and videos that determine whether a site is sophisticated.

I think you’ll find that most of the posters here don’t consider the stuff you’ve mentioned as an upgrade.

None of these things are signs of sophistication nor of being “ahead.”

Your first 15 words answer the question in your post.

The Dope doesn’t have all that because we’re more interested in the conversation than the wrapping.

And get off our lawn :mad::mad::mad:


I got yer bunnies right here!

If an animated smiley face of a bunny jumping around with pancakes on its head is now the height of sophistication, I’m even more behind the times than I thought I was.

I seem to recall the last time this board got upgraded it was a complete disaster and the result was nearly unusable. It works now…please nobody fool with it!

This. The software for message boards was perfected in 1999. Any push for “upgrades” in just a ruse by Big Boards to get you to waste your hard earned money on useless doodles and babbles. It’s just like Apple releasing a new iPhone every 6 months, “BUY OUR NEW PHONE!!! We added a new color of smiley and 3 pixels. Be one of the cool kids and not one of the dweebs that is using our old phone from 6 months ago.”

Besides, smileys, pictures, gifs and videos are confusing to our super smart brains and make us :confused: and then :mad:

You want sophistication? We have this web-based forum so users don’t have to wrestle with Usenet like we used to on

I’m open to further improvements, but I consider photos, avatars, videos, etc. to be steps backwards.


My web experience is already visually cluttered enough. Don’t want it or need it here. i like this because it’s simple and clean.

Agree that photos, videos, avatars, and “like” buttons would detract from the conversations and bring things down a notch. But you have to admit, a bunny jumping around with a pancake on its head would come in really useful.

Only if it’s holding a bottle of blueberry syrup.