I am curious [what is the purpose of this site]

Kick names and take @$$.

I thought this was a professional political site. Thank you for your time and responses. Have a great day.

Let’s not forget gumming chew.

Well, I got paid.

So will you not be sticking around? :frowning:
What exactly is a “professional political site”?

This is a professional everything site. We have so many highly knowledgeable people here, spanning many areas of expertise, from the fairly basic McJob to Rocket Surgery.

You can ask for information about high level calculus and then find a recommendation on an Instant Pot, then have a deep-dive argument about Tolkien minutiae.

The possibilities are endless, and the amount of collected knowledge archived here is amazing. It’s also nice that there’s a low signal-to-noise ratio.

Don’t be sad. The new comer was probably looking for pure bias.

I we told you, we’d have to kill you.

At least he didn’t think this was a recreational drug site.

I hear yall got some of that Straight Dope here! Shoot some my way, will ya?

Or a professional drug site.

Quite interesting indeed. Lol

We got yer straight dopes, gay dopes, bi dopes, trans dopes, every flavor of dope you can imagine.

Ref our motto at the far bottom left of every page, we even have a few total dopesticks. :grimacing:


One of the best things about this site is that it has a wide breadth of experts from all kinds of disciplines, and politics is one of them. We have doctors and scientists and lawyers and engineers and chefs and everything in between who can often answer a simple query with a raft of accurate facts and advice.

One of my favourite things to see here, and I’ve seen it many times, is when a simple query like “who is this person in this picture?” can turn into a long thread of people researching and spitballing possible answers, and then maybe months later, someone will post “Hi, I’m that guy in the photo’s daughter. If you have any questions for him, just ask, I’ll pass them on!” or “I work at the magazine that printed this photo, I can check our records for you if you like!” or “I live just down the street from where this photo was taken, I think he still lives there. I’ll leave a note in his mailbox and see if he might come online to chat!” or something cool like that.

I think that Notonthisforum thinks that nobody would keep posting to a message board for a couple of decades unless they wanted only to read and reply to the posts of other people who agree with them politically (or philosophically or religiously or artistically or whatever). That’s not true of the SDMB. In fact, political discussions are only a small part of the board. In fact, discussions about matters of opinion are not really the best part of the board. So, for instance, if you have a vague memory of some movie or TV show (and you don’t remember which it was) that you saw many years ago which you post a confusing description of, we can sometimes pick your description apart. We can then show you that you’ve mushed together the stories of three movies and three TV shows into one plotline. That doesn’t mean that any artistic judgments we make are perfect. If you post your political or religious or philosophical manifesto, we won’t show that it’s completely wrong, but we can sometimes tear it apart and show you what each piece of it says, where that idea came from, and why the parts of the manifesto aren’t consistent with each other. We’re brilliant at factual statements, but we don’t have huge overall philosophical or religious or political or artistic notions. That’s just fine with me.

Yes, the breadth of knowledge, expertise, political acumen here are mind-bogglingly broad. As are the wide range of interests… it’s perfect for someone who’s open-minded but fascinated by well, everything.

Being ADHD helps. Then you can jump from a discussion of Current shows where characters are wearing masks to Lying bastards at UPS think I’m stupid to WasTannenburg the Bloodiest Battle in History? and then How can I MacGyver my new leaf blower?

Now excuse me, I have to catch up on each of those threads instead of fixing the bathroom plumbing. (Come to think of it, flee! Or you’ll never get your toilet replaced!)

This site has people from all over the world chatting about one thing or another. Sometimes arguing, sometimes viciously. Somehow it picked up a number of interesting personalities, many of whom are very well-educated and accomplished, and you see a variety of informed perspectives.

Also sometimes bad puns and poop jokes just because.

You also get the occasional person who is completely detached from reality and then things get really fun.

Work avoidance?