I am giving up caffiene again

For the next 9 months anyway. :smiley: I hope it’s a girl.

Congrats! I hope you have an easy time and a healthy baby!

Cessandra, MY word WOMAN, congrats, but WOW another baby???

Anyhow, I gave up caffiene, no problems, it can work.

OMG that will make 4? (stupkids included?)

You are in my prayers. :wink:

er that would be (step kids)


Heh. I was gonna post and say, “Hey, no need to go overboard, just cut back some. All things in moderation.”

But instead, I’ll post and say, “WOOOO! Congratulations, woman!”

Hope it’s healthy and happy. I know it’ll be beautiful.

Who is drinking his morning coffee right now.

Me too, with DaveW00. :slight_smile:
[sub]I know, but it looks like it rhymes that way.[/sub]

Congrats, and enjoy. Here’s to a healthy, fairly painless (I feel bad for your lower back already) and easy pregnancy.

[sub]Y’know, you’d think something so important to the survival of the species would be a trifle easier on the momma. Damn Mother Nature, anyway.[/sub]

my goodness, 4 kids and your what 21?
Are you trying to set a record dear?
If its a boy, you must name him Harry.

Is it really advised to give up caffeine when pregnant?
I sure didn’t, and I wonder.

I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, vanilla, but I don’t smoke or drink, so I gotta give up something. :wink: Actually, seriously, my doctor says only to give it up if doing so won’t cause too much stress for the baby. Stress is worse for the baby than caffiene is. But I’ve done it before, and I like Sprite.

Four is our limit. After this, one of us will get fixed.

Actually, dh made a suggestion, that I am not sure about. Hopefully I won’t have another c-section, but he suggested that if I do, I might get my tubes tied at the same time. That way we only have to pay for one surgery. I’m just afraid that this will make me EXTRA paranoid about the baby’s health (cause I already am) knowing that I am already fixed and there won’t be any more ever. What do you think?

Oh, and NO NO NO NO NO Harry Potters in our family!!! :smiley:

gets out the plastic collar