A Hysterical Question about Early Pregnancy

Again, we have to keep these conversations on the down low since Mr. Jar may be lurking…so please…come over in to the corner with me and pretend we’re talking about corn souffle.

How soon into a pregnancy to the medications and diet of a pregnant woman do permanent damage to her embryo.

I’m just afraid that before I know I’m even pregnant I may be doing damage to the unborn by taking my back pills (hydrocordone and cyclobenzoprene). Doc already said the Celexa is ok…but what about other meds?

It’s not like I can stop taking all my medication on the off chance I may happen to be pregnant. Should I try to wean myself off of all these things before it even happens?

And what happens if I drink a beer or something before I find out I’m pregnant? Or caffiene?

You can see that I’m a little nutty.

Lady Chance was pregnant with Baby Kate for a month (we didn’t know) during one of our drunken weeks in New Orleans. In 4 days she must have downed 20 whiskey’s. No effect on the baby.

IANAD, but I seem to recall our Nurse Practitioner (at the OB/GYN) telling us that it’s prolonged exposure to alcohol that can cause real damage.

WARNING: I am, quite possibly, speaking out of my ass there. But anecdotally getting completely wasted for days doesn’t seem to hurt the only baby I know well.

And I have absolutely NO idea about the meds. I wish I could help more.

Well, I’d say get some professional opinions. However, I do know it is highly recommended that you start taking folic acid supplements if you’re even considering the idea of getting pregnant.

yeah, i’ve been doing all that…vitamins, folic, quitting smoking, calcium supplements.

It’s the caffiene and the vicodin that I’m most worried about

I forgot caffeine, sorry.

On advice of her OB Lady Chance quit caffeine cold turkey when she found out she was pregnant. I couldn’t tell you any specific medical reason for it…just that she was told to. And she didn’t start up again until she stopped breast feeding.

Jarbaby–you need to see a doctor about this, not us. If you can’t call up your current doc with your concerns, then find a new doc.

Before I knew I was pregnant with my kids, I had really bad headaches. I took Advil almost everyday. After I discovered I was pregnant, I called the doc about it and he said don’t worry about what I had already done, but don’t do it anymore

Green Bean, cripes. It’s just a question. If I find out I’m pregnant soon I certainly will go to the doctor. I thought perhaps some people on the board might have some insights. Since when can’t we ask medical questions?

I don’t think the oxycontin related drugs are known to cause birth defects which is part of why they are dangerous and some pregnant women keep taking them as a “safe” high instead of alcohol. They problem (for oxy addicts) is that the while the baby isn’t chromosomally damaged thay are completely addicted and when removed from the mother’s blood stream suffer horrific withdrawal symptoms.

I’m also no expert, but I’d be inclined to believe that alcohol is a contributing factor in many pregnancies. I’d see what you can do about weaning from the vicodin, that stuffs pretty hard core. The fewer chemicals you can expose your kid to the likely better outcome. That said, most of the people about my age and older were exposed to all kinds of stuff in the womb and other than the politicians we elect we mostly turned out okay.

And a little more expert take on Vicodin and pregnancy, from the AccessMedNet.com site:

Opiate! Holy smokes.

Thanks guys. I’ll keep that in mind.

You see there’s no way for me to know right now any way. My period isn’t due for a few days, so I can’t test or anything…and I’ve had a downturn in my back pain…so I’m in this limbo land.

I’ll see what I can do about cutting back


For basic info on preconception and conception healthcare, check out BabyCenter.


See your doc :wink:

People. I can’t see my doc until I know anything’s up. I’m not going to go in there and say “I think there may be an off chance that I’m six days pregnant…what should I do?” They’d laugh me right out of town.


No they wouldn’t.

Given your medical inventory, and the fact that you seem hell bent for leather to sprout a youngin’ sometime soon, you should march down to your OB/GYN and have a serious discussion with them.

Bring your meds and go over each one. Discuss the effects on a fetus. Talk about which ones you need to get off of and how to do it. For most questionable drugs, there are “safer” alternatives.

Go. Now. Make that call. We’ll wait.

jar, I don’t mean to butt my nose in where it doesn’t belong, but Why A Duck is absolutely right.

If you’re trying/hoping, you SHOULD talk to your Doctor. NOW.

I’ll go away now…

From the National Institute of Health (they have a pretty extensive list of medications, apprx 9,000)

I third the ASK YOUR DOCTOR advice. We don’t know what your dosage is or how often you’re taking the medication. Is it as needed or every 4 hours? The more you take it (especially the hydrocodone) the more risk there is.

If you’re not pregnant I suggest you use some type of prophylactic until you’re satisfied that these and any other medications you are on, don’t pose a significant risk to an unborn child. Let your doctor know that you’re trying to get pregnant so he/she can keep that in mind when suggesting courses of treatment.

Good luck.

**Why A Duck ** is absolutely correct. A good doctor would welcome the opportunity to talk to a woman about possible drug interactions **before ** she was pregnant. If you’re seriously trying to get preggers, this conversation should not wait any longer.

I was paranoid enough during pregnancy that not only didn’t I drink, I didn’t take any OTC’s either. you should definately check out your scripts with them.

On the non paranoia theme, however, I wouldn’t suggest that you freak out about having been on them for the past couple of weeks should your test be positive.

Good that you’re thinking ahead.

A comment about caffeine and pregnancy

I used to drink about 3 cups of coffee a day. I tried to give up caffeine when I found out I was pregnant, and combined with the other early pregnancy symptoms, it kicked my butt.

Some people, it seems are very easily and firmly addicted to caffeine. In my case, I was home sick from work for 4 days with nausea, vomiting, headaches and general ickiness. I really ate very little during the withdrawal and that was not good for the baby inside me at the time.

I’d say the sooner you kick the caffeine habit the better. Once the baby actually comes out, if you choose to nurse, you can have caffeine in moderation, though I find even an extra cup of tea used to make her jittery. YMMV.


My wife and I are in the same boat. We have talked to a doctor prior to trying to make sure there weren’t any interactions we should worry about, prenatals, etc. They absolutely will not laugh you out to the street. My mom is a nurse, and has plenty of experience in dealing with the outcome of people that don’t give a crap. You should be commended for thinking about this now.