I am glad to be me.

Liberal Democrat, Unitarian Universalist, gay, Pennsylvanian-born, Californian-living, SCAdian, two-stepping, cat-owning, Scottish heritaged, Asian man appreciating, open-minded, sexually liberal, fun-loving, free-spirited, never-grow-up, somewhat confused but nonetheless happy me.

I am particularly glad to be me when I see ignorance and hate and stupidity in all its many forms and know that I am, thankfully, none of those things and continue to strive to remain that way.

Thank you. :smiley:


[sub]Although I tire of these disclaimers, I will add that this OP is just here for being Mundane and Pointless - there is no link (although I could ostensibly provide many), I’m not opening myself up for criticism (so save it if you’re so inclined), and the OP is MHO; YMMV, as always.[/sub]

Thats one helluva list now can you say it three times fast? :wink:

And it’s a good thing your happy. Being happy is good. Happy reduces stress. OK I’m gonna stop now.

Dang ol’ two-stepping cat owners. :wink:

What a fabulous way to feel :slight_smile: You missed intelligent though - I’m a big fan of your posts - you always come accross as a man of intellect in them. Hurrah for you!


What’s a SCAdian?

I’m glad to be you too.

Hang on a second…

My question is: if you were ignorant and stupid, would you notice?

Esprix, you just can’t help but be cool.

A person who belongs to the S.C.A. The Society for Creative Anachronism. There’s several members on this board. Tristan comes to mind.

Two-stepping?? Ack!!!

[runs away, driven mad]

you forgot humble…

nah, he’s humble - otherwise he’d have included ‘cute’! (and musically talented, and so forth)


Glad you’re feeling happy, Esprix.

Don’t know if you noticed in the Tygr Cub thread a while back, but me and epeepunk are anticipating child number 2 in October. Just thought you’d like to know. :slight_smile:

… I forget.


brightens up and whips out the rainbow-coloured pompoms, shakes them madly and generally makes a lot of noise

I think I’m glad you exist.

I have Scottish heritage, too. I’m also Asian, but I’m not a man. Do you appreciate me anyway?

I feel Mundane and Pointless too.

I’m glad you exist. California needs more two-stepping men. I shall celebrate your existance by two-stepping with a man tonight! This is the day of my 100th post----time flies when you can’t keep your opinions to yourself!! I’m glad I exist and can two-step!

OK, I have eight qualities in common with Esprix (which ones? None o’ yer beeswax!).

I am also glad to be me—as Daria once said, “I don’t have low self-esteem. I have low esteem for everyone else.”

I’m glad you’re you too, sweetie. :slight_smile: kiss

As for me, I’m glad to be a young poor eccentric queer geek Kneedipper Keynesian activist pagan HIV-negative feminist existentialist humanist anti-racist greenie Esperantist polyamorous Scottish-German-English-Korean-Bohemian-Irish-Jewish-First-Nations low-impact-living Trekkie polyglot bilingual montréalais québécois Canadian writer-politician-webspinner-metrophile-translator-student.

Oops, I forgot slacker cat-owner urban-transportation/low-possessions animé-otaku femme mildly kinky goth/grunge wearer (but not listener) dance/folk loving, Chomskian-linguist, world-building, conlanging, anti-post-gay, mental-health-victim, bespectacled pacifist.