I am God and I can prove it!

If an entity came to you claiming to be God (read almighty master and creator of all things) and offered to do anything you asked to prove it, what would you ask?

Stop all wars immediately, let all mankind be tolerant of each others’ politcal, religiious, ethnic, and sexual differences.

Restore a few key deceased family members to a full, human life.

(OK, OK, I’m selfish. I admit it.)

Make me thin. Not like Stephen King’s Thinner kind of thin, but I want to wake up tomorrow and have to go to the store in a makeshift dress from an old t-shirt and a belt because I am now a size 8.

I’d ask him to simply put the knowledge of who he is in my head.

This is, for me, an impossible hypothetical. I would walk away from anyone claiming to be God. What would youask?

I thought the same thing…but then I think that Satan could do the same thing for me! :eek:

Give me all your power.

Give me enough of your power.

I think we agree.

Frankly, I think that a true god wouldn’t give a squat about proving his deity to me. Everything asked so far is stuff you could ask of a genie or a super-advanced alien race or even Satan (as someone already suggested).

True omniscience and omnipotence is not something that could be proven to my mortal intellect, I think, short of by making me god.

I believe god to be unfalsifiable but I am really curious to see if someone has a different thought.

True omniscience and omnipotence in a god would mean that he would not have to ask me what I wanted/needed to see as proof, it would already be done and proven.

As for Thomas, all he needed to see was the holes.

Nor would he need or want to. In fact, if some supernatural powers were demonstrated, I would submit that this individual was most certainly not God. A true god would wait to be asked if they were a god.

So I think I would tell him that my opinion pivots on the collective opinion of the staff of the nearest psych ward. If he convinces them, he convinces me.

Well, you kinda denoue’d the moment, but my first thought of reply was:

“Ha! Sissy Sissy, Boing Boing!!!”

Any kinda Supreme Being would have at least an interesting reply. If not: mean and no sense of humour, not worth much care.

I’d ask for the real thing as to our origin. Not the myth.

And possibly some hints as to the purpose of human life.

But just hint. As much as I’d like answers I know I’m not going to undersand god anyway so hints will be fine.

“Destroy God. Utterly and forever. And make sure everyone knows you’ve done it, without harming them.” If nothing else, if he goes along with it I won’t have to worry about him bothering me again. Plus, it would help me in my arguements against religion; " ‘Why don’t you believe in God ?!’ ‘Because he’s dead.’ "

Maybe you could breed some Babel Fish and try that approach.

Sapo: This thread is reminding me of the best Bill Cosby routine I know of. God speaking to Noah.

I like anyrose’s answer. If a being can accomplish this without a twilight zone twist and all he required was my basic worship, I could learn to worship said being.


Well, I don’t suppose it matters if it came from God, Satan, Zeus or my grocer since the results are all the same. As long as I am not having to sign any kind of contract or anything I don’t care. If you can make me instantly thin with no surgery or dieting or anything I’ll call you whatever you like :slight_smile:

Health, wealth and good sex… OK, that is my standard birthday wish.

Ask him if there’s only one God. Then ask him his name.

More importantly, I’d like God to have a chat with all the different priests…

No, no, no!!! You don’t want to know God’s true name(s). That can only lead to the stars going out without a fuss !