I am going to Bermuda. Any Suggestions?

Stuff to do? Not do? Anything?

Take me?

Eat some fresh lobster and have some dark and stormies. Those are a Bermudian specialty. And enjoy the night sky. The stars seem close enough to touch.

When I went, it was winter so I didn’t get to go to the beach or anything. That’s definitely what I would do if I went this time of year. It’s so beautiful there.

Wear sun block.

Rent a moped and tool around the island, obviously.

Buy some duty-free rum. Lots of cute little shops in Hamilton.

Check out Spanish Point, it was one of my favorite places.

If it’s a rainy day the aquarium’s nice.

The maritime museum and arts center is a good diversion.

Horseshoe Beach was great.

St. George’s is interesting but a cruise ship might arrive and discharge a gazillion passengers that will pile on to the beach at Tobacco Bay.

Overall, it’s small so you ought to be able to see quite a bit.

We stayed at The Royal Palms, which was a beautiful little hotel with a nice restaurant and breakfast on the veranda but if you’re going to get wild, the floorboards squeak. Just warnin’ ya.

And a scooter is a must.

Stay away from the Triangle! :eek:

On a serious note…take tons of pictures!

The one thing the Bermuda Triangle really does consume is money. Save up some money before you depart. Even immune to London prices, I constantly winced.

  • Try both beer and chowder at North Rock. And yes, dark & stormys are a must :wink:

  • The Crystal Cave are a must (and that’s from somebody who’s been dragged around plenty of tourist-oriented cave systems!)

  • Both St George’s and the Dockyard are worth the visit, although try to avoid the cruise-ship scenario Mack mentioned

  • Climb Gibb’s Hill lighthouse, preferably on a completely clear day

  • There’s great sushi to be had in many places. It’s a meeting-place of the almost limitless availability of fish, and labour laws that mean overseas chefs can only be employed if they have a speciality unavailable from Bermudian sources


  • The Henry VIII and the Swizzle Inn. Both get favourable mentions in certain guide books, and I can only presume this is for less-than-honest reasons. Both are overpriced, overbearing and unpleasant

  • Being reckless on your (ubiquitous) hired scooter. In fact, be doubly over-cautious. Bermudian drivers are appalling, and it’s those on bikes that fare worse in any encounter.

If you’ve got any more specific quesions/interested/etc., let us know :slight_smile: