I am in Delaware.

I went to New Castle once. Fine little historical town with a terrific restaurant that dated from colonial times–of what country I don’t know.

Happy, try to make sure you haven’t got a dupont trying to stow away on your car–once they get into the economy, they kill all the native companies and then you have to poison the whole financial district to get rid of them. It’s awful and you can get into a lot of trouble with the EPA.

Thanks for visiting our fair state!

For some real local flavor, you could join us for World Championship Punkin’ Chunkin’ . See grown men use 150 ft long pneumatic cannons to shoot pumpkins close to a mile! Try some pumpkin funnel cake! I’m taking some pumpkin beer! It’s the second largest event in Delaware, after the Dover races.

I have a wonderful post card from Delaware. It has a picture of a stick on the beach and lists all sorts of underwhelming factoids. All I remember now is that the state drink is milk.


Yup, milk.

It sounds so eerily wholsesome.

I think you’re thinking of New Hampshire - which IS in New England. Maybe that’s where Happy is.

Seriously though, as a REAL New Englander, I have no clue what the hell is up with you guys and Deleware. Why the jokes about it not existing? Why the jokes about size? I’d think that if you were gonna make fun of any state, it’d be friggen Rhode Island (why doesn’t CT just absorb RI already?)

That’s THIS weekend?! Dang, I can’t make it. I’ll have to write it in for next year.

Okay, I am back in this place called Delaware. I can take a picture if you would like proof. It really, truly seems to exist.


:: leaps across room room and stops countdown on anti-matter bomb with 4 seconds left to go::

Okay. Which part of “My latest world conquest plan requires (a) all current Dopers to remain alive at least till November 14th, and (b) the complete destruction of Delaware, so © everybody stay outta Delaware and, to be safe, Pennsylvania, until further notice” was unclear? Huh? Huh?

Let’s have a little cooperation, people! Humanity is not going to enslave itself!

What do you plan on taking a picture of exactly?

You know…Delaware.

Say hi to Wayne and Garth.

DE has cigarettes for $3.80 a pack and no sales tax. Mmm, moderately priced cancer.

I was in Delaware today, too, and will more than likely be there tomorrow, too.
I could take a picture of the “Welcome to Delaware” sign, but you all would probably just accuse me of PhotoShopping it.

Funny you should mention that…I thought of a picture too, and so upon driving into the state, I pulled out my camera phone.

I was going about 65, I had a semi on my right, and I was approaching a curve, so I couldn’t really aim, but here’s what I got….

Trust me, it says “Delaware.” :smiley:

Alright you chuckleheads. I grew up in Delaware, and I’m here to correct some misinformation that has been spewed.

(1) I-95 just barely clips the state, and I swear-to-god they ran it across our borders so we could get Federal highway money for the bits that are “downstate”. As a former resident, I’m sorry you have to deal with the tolls. That’s what you get for zipping through our state without giving it the close and careful attention it deserves. Neener!

(2) “Downstate” exists, but it’s not called that. There is “New Castle County” and then there is “Lower Delaware” which consists of [del]all[/del] both other counties, e.g. the Rhode-Island-sized chunk of Delaware south of the C&D canal.

(3) The north part of the state is a godawful wasteland packing the worst of Philadelphia and Baltimore’s slums inside a sprawling ring of everything loathesome about prefab suburbia. Banks and Big Pharma predominate. People cheer for Philadelphia sports teams, but expect them to lose.

(4) The rest of the state is devoid of interstate highways except for DE-1, which is interstate quality but doesn’t actually go anywhere. It becomes Ocean Highway at the southern border, and bumps into US-50 in Ocean City MD, and then pretty much peters out at the pier.

(4b) The rest of the state is seriously a wasteland. The main industry is agriculture, specifically chicken farming (500 per person in Sussex County, at last count). Tourism is a close second, because the only thing keeping the chicken farms from falling into the sea is a remarkably dense strip of million-dollar beach houses, which we sell to wealthy D.C. residents. When the hurricane comes and destroys the beach houses, rebuilding is prohibitive. A local developer buys the land, puts up beach houses, and… (Profit!)

(4c) The rest of the state is actually the best part because it’s relaxing, quiet, and beautiful, except when everyone from Maryland is cramming themselves onto our teeny tiny roads in giant Beltway-bruising SUVs, honking impatently because they’re in a hurry to see how relaxing, quiet, and beautiful it is.

(5) Go Blue Hens!

(6) Delaware has two senators, even though it’s really small.

(7) It ain’t in New England. One of the three counties actually fought for the South in the War Whose Very Name Is a Political Statement.

(8) Newark DE is way nicer than Newark NJ, but that’s not saying much.

(9) Some of the tolls on I-95 are really easy to avoid, and doing so can actually save time on the weekends.

(10) I can’t believe you were in Delaware near Halloween and didn’t try to make it to Punkin Chunkin. Seriously, how could you miss this stuff? Nearly a MILE! This one ended up in the parking lot.