I am in Hillbilly Hell on Election Day.

I live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (not a typo).

We have 2 Republicans duking it out for Congresscritter: Diane Black, a Neocon hypocrite; and Lou Ann Zelenik, a raving Tea Party Loon that is either insane enough to believe that a new mosque is a “terrorist training center”, or cynical enough to try & whip up support Hitler style, by inciting unifying hatred.

Both turkeys have a cadre of blind, ignorant dupes supporting them.

We have no Democrat willing to challenge them.:frowning:

Election Day is coming up.


Is it too late for you to throw your hat into the ring?

Vote for Pat Buchanon.

Another Brewster’s Millions idea: write in NONE OF THE ABOVE
Or, find a kindly gent in a TARDIS and ask for some Jelly Babies.

Hey, at least they let women run for office there!

I find in cases like this, to just vote for the least objectionable candidate works fine. Don’t you have a candidate for the Communist/Nazi party or one who is a convicted sex offender available to vote for ?

I’m getting mighty tired of the political ads here in the Texas panhandle; no one even mentions the word “Democrat”, it’s just a bunch of Republicans trying to out-conservative one another.

“Candidate X is a true Texas conservative! He supports shooting anyone who jumps the border, and wants to keep Big Government out of your business! Unless you want an abortion or a gay wedding, then he’s all for government legislating the hell out of it.”

In related news, I see a federal court just ordered Rutherford County to allow the Murfeesboro mosque to open. Surprised that hasn’t gotten a thread.

Which one is better looking?

We’re getting the same ads down here in Houston. Both guys fighting for the Republican nomination to the Senate are slinging as much mud as possible. You’ve got the content just right–except for the bit about repealing Obamacare & saving the Constitution. And there are* so many* ads…

I’m already missing Kay Bailey Hutchison–who’s always been pretty sane for a Republican. (Yeah, I’ll vote for the Democratic candidate, but I’m not full of hope.)

–Sarah Palin raised a ruckus by Tweeting her visit to The Woodlands (planned community north of Houston) Chick-Fil-A; I wondered what brought her there. She was speaking for Ted Cruz, the more Teaparty Republican hopeful.


Yep, not just the Panhandle - the DFW area isn’t immune either. I about fell off the couch the first time I heard that bit about saving/reinstating/whatever the Constitution. Now I just go :mad: and glare at the TV a moment and then resume my business.

The perspective we have now, looking back on the Nixon administration? Yeah. I wonder what people will think - and history books will write - about this time, fifty years from now…

Here in Missouri, the two main Republican Senate candidates are running adds trying to show that their opponent is more like the incumbent, Claire McCaskill.

Although rumor has it that one of the PACs running the ad’s is actually a Democratic front, trying to get the stronger R defeated.

Lou Ann Zelenik would require less priming of your beer goggles.

I live in the 8th District of Ohio, which is wholly owned by John Boehner. He’s unopposed on both sides of the aisle. I’m thinking I just won’t vote for that particular slot on the ballot.

Her teeth reminded me of Rose Marie from the old Dick Van Dyke Show.

Oy, Dewhurst. I especially dislike his ad where he pledges to strengthen the border, which is somehow a “Washington failure”, by “tripling the size of the border patrol, and authorizing them to fight back.” What I actually hear is, “I want Texas to start shooting Mexicans”. Oh wait, according to him the border’s being hopped by “people from the Middle East and China,” so it’s not really Mexicans, so you Latino voters can relax, I’ll take care of the boogeyman…

Sounds like Hillbilly Heaven to me.

At least from the perspective of the Hillbilly.


OP’s complaint has no merit when this is something it’s very much in his power to solve…

She still looks like she’s frightened and in a lot of pain.

Hurray! :slight_smile: