I am in love (with a bird)

My son and i went to PetsMart Saturday.
he loves cats.
When we looked at the birds, there was this small gray cockateil(I thought they were large) and he whistled at me.
So cute.
He boobed his head up and down as if to say yes.
What does that mean?
Then he squawked raising his neck high up.
Heis so adorable.
If we had a plac eof our own, I would’ve bought him or her right then.
Anyone else own a cokcateil?

The LIONsob and I now own two tiels, HannaBelle and Beaker.
They are both spoiled rotten (Hanna more than Beaker because we have had her much longer, but he’s getting there.) They each have their own cage and toys, they get to go with us most times we go anywhere (we do keep their flight feathers clipped for their own safety) . They ride on our shoulders when we go for a walk. We took them both with us to petsmart over the weekend and the tiels at the store went nuts seeing birds like themselves outside the cage and riding on humans.

Hanna is female and is very much in love with LIONsob, Beaker is male and will probably bond stronger with me as time goes on.

When we got Beaker a month ago he was not socialized at all. He would bite hard enough to draw blood because he was afraid of hands. I have him now where he will step up on to my hand and shoulder on command. I am working on kisses now, and he hasn’t bitten in almost two weeks, he understands that we are not out to hurt him.

I would guess that the tiel you saw was trying to get your attention. If you ever do decide to get a bird cockatiels are a great first time bird owner choice.

“He boobed his head up and down as if to say yes”

I’m no expert, but I believe he was courting you!

I think Ayesha will admit that tiels can be excruciatingly loud. And if that is indeed the case, Vanilla, you’re wise in waiting until you get a place of your own.

Well they do make some noise, I wouldn’t call it excruciatingly loud but Hanna gets very vocal when she doesn’t feel she is getting the attention she wants. Beaker’s call is pretty shrill (especially when he’s on my shoulder right next to my ear) but again it isn’t horrible.

They are not nearly as bad as the larger parrots.

Oh one more thing, I have been around parakeets that make much more noise than my tiels do.