It’s 5 am and I can’t go to bed until 7 so I will bore you all with my own MPSIMS.

LIONsob and I went and got another cockatiel today. The ad the breeder had in the paper said Cocatiels, $ 35.00, when we called for more info they said the babies were $35.00 and the adults 75.00. So we go over to see them. I have raised a baby tiel, our HannaBelle is now 17 months old and we got her when she was a 3 week old hatchling.

These people are NUTS, there is no way the tiels they were selling are babies. We got a male pearl, he’s a beautiful bird but he has not been socialized to humans at all. I haven’t named him yet, for now we are calling him MLB (for mean little bastard.) . He is 3 to 6 months old from the way he looks.

The poor baby has been traumatized today, first the kid at the breedees grabs him, and then sticks him into a paper sack and staples the sack closed, that did not sit well with me at all so we bought him a nice cage while we were there and I had the owner take him out of the sack and put him into the new cage.

Then he is put into a large cage that moves and brought to a new place and people (LIONsob and I) are looking at him and talking to him, then we took him out of the cage which caused much merriment and running around ( ok the squeals were not those of delight but my reaction to him biting me hard enough to draw blood, and the running around was me again, trying to catch the MLB and put him back in the cage after LIONsob put
the pearchs in place)

If I get anymore birds I will go back to the breeder we got HannBelle from, she hand feeds her babies so they aren’t so afraid of hands coming near them. Poor MLB and poor Ayesha’s hands until he gets used to me. I’ve already started the process
with just putting my hand in the cage and keeping it in there still for a few minutes at a time without trying to touch him. I want him to learn that hands don’t mean someone is going to grab you.

HannaBelle likes him, she tried to calm him down by trying to preen him after we caught him this

Why I can’t go to bed, the poor LIONsob is sick, seems he has picked up a stomach bug of some type. He is really sick and running a temp so I to call the shop and tell him he won’t be in.
They should be glad, the plant manager had it last week so it can be spread from one person to another.

Hmmmmmm what else is happening in Aye’s world that I can waste some more time with ?

Oh I know, I have started eating yogurt ! I would never eat it before because I thought it was gross and nasty, I just bought it for LIONsob and Son. Untill I tasted Kroger brand Lite (non-fat, sweetened with aspartame) strawberry and now I am hooked. A 8 oz. carton has 100 calories and won’t send my sugar thrigh the roof ! Yay for me !

Come on 7:00 Aye wants her bed !

Do male pearl’s stay pearl? Or do they turn grey when tehy molt? Or is that only grey pearls?

I love cockatiels, but this whole genetics thing is too much for my little brain.

Sleep well [a]Ayesha** keep an eye out in the paper, I can’t remember if it’s Kroger or Randalls, but one of them is offering flu shots to the public for a fair fee. I hope LionSob recovers quickly.

Sorry I don’t know much about birds. I have a great photo of the SthrnAccentSontheYounger with a little blue bird named Pete on his finger. It’s an adorable photo. I think it was a parakeet. Not sure though.

** Magayuk ** Male pearls do tend to turn grey when they molt.
They do pass the gene along to some of their offspring so if Hanna and the MLB do decide to mate later at least some of the hatchlings may be pearls.

** AbbySthrnAccent ** Thanks for the tip on the flu shots.

I am giving some serious thought to becoming a Bird Breeder myself in the near future. They make great pets for people who understand that you can’t just throw them into a cage and leave them there 24/7. Tiels are great starter birds.