Help me name my new pet

I got a cockatiel. He’s a baby yet, he was hatched 3-23-02. I will have to hand feed him for a month and a half or so. He is pied cockatiel and of course he is a male.

LIONsob has a couple of name ideas, mainly Baretta, Fred and Killer. ( I’m not sure about any of those. )

I’m hoping his first words will be bite me

So help a girl out here please. Don’t let a poor innocent little bird be stuck with any of the names hubby came up with.




Fahnstock P. Beaudry

Barry White

Good luck with that feeding schedule!!!

Congrats on the new bird. I noticed you mentioned handfeeding. Have you handfed a baby before? The reason I ask is because it can be a pretty difficult undertaking for someone new to bird ownership, and some breeders don’t emphasize that enough. See this article:
to see what I mean.
Of course, for all I know, you may be very experienced at raising baby birds, so I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. Just don’t want to see anyone have trouble with their new baby. :slight_smile:

Another more detailed article about handfeeding, just in case you might benefit from it :slight_smile:

I second that! :slight_smile: I have two parakeets… Pele & Pablo. It’s a great bird name.


Your “northeast” pet? :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding!

Hmm… good bird names… definitely NOT what your husband suggested!

Peter? Patrick?

(Robert) Blake.

Rico Suave

Thank you very much for the links spathiphyllum. I have never hand fed a baby before, but the breeder I bought him from showed me how and even had me feed him before we took him out of her shop. He is close to being fully fledged and is wanting seed as well as the baby formula he has been being fed so he has a small amount of seed and water in his cage along with the feedings I will give him. I will study the information on those pages carefully.

And no I won’t name him Pablo.

Geez y’all are the teeming millions, come up with something good for me. Or maybe I’ll name him Cecil if Unca CeCe would come talk to me.

Oh yeah, will some sweet mod fix the title of this thread for me ? I have a new pet, not a ne pet.

How about Simon?

Hmmmm, looks like his name may be I love to sit on Ayesha’s Head and she is freaking out with the fear I may crap in her
hair !

Aye!, hey, Hon, how ya doin’? I have a cockatiel, too. He was an “escapee”, and came into the animal shelter I work at. He’s a pied, too, and mostly white. Apparently, he was not treated too swell at his former home. he’s terrified of hands; maybe that’s why he flew off into yond…

His name is Smitty, kinda long story, but, man, he whistles a whole lot. Loud. Cockatiels sometimes talk, but mainly, they are expert at whistling tunes. A friend has a cockatiel that expertly whistles the Andy Griffith theme song. I’ve been trying to teach Smitty songs, but he pretty much takes the parts he likes and whistles a medley.

Anyhoo, as to names: Whistlepig, Sweetpea, Quetzlcoatl, Hamelin (pied, get it? ;)), Butch, Yoyo, Yomama, Hobbes, Huevito, Che, Chucklehead, Biff, and Phideaux come to mind. But, Cece would be a mighty swell name too.

Enjoy yer birdie, Aye! Cockatiels are muy swell.

a bird?


of course.

(or Shiva)…


hmmm… how about…

Cosmo, or Mucho

or… Mr. Leblanc, Uncle Feather, Beaker



Seedy Rodriguez