Help name my bird

Last week I went and got a parakeet, and the poor little guy has yet to be named.
He is a very pretty periwinkle blue, not the normal blue you see everyday, and of course he is male.
I want a cool name, and at one point had mentioned Alucard which was shot done my hubby immediately. (Dracula backwards)
He suggested Petey, and my daughter likes Blueberrie. My youngest (4) son wants to call him cat food. You see we have three cats that had to learn real fast that the bird was for watching not eating.
The four year old was the one to name three fish, pain, suffering, and Nubsibot, and one of the cats, Koter which stands for Kitty on the roof.

So, I ask my fellow Dopers to help me out here and suggest some good ones. We have had kittens and dogs given names here, and now you get to try out a bird.
All suggestions will be run by the family, even though it is my bird and they will have to live with what I pick.

How 'bout Skeet?

I think you should call him Perry.
(Your son named pets “pain” and “suffering”? Yikes!)

We had just watched Hercules for the thousandth time and I think he meant Pain and Panic. But it stuck and that is who they are now.
I like Perry, it would remind me of that Brendan Frasier movie where he was in a fallout shelter. They listen to alot of Perry Como, and then of course my husband had to down load it and I giggle everytime I hear that song now.
Skeet the parakeet. Nice ring to it.

I know! Call him Cat Food. That should keep him on his toes. Nothing sings better than a parakeet who fears for his life.

Well, I was thinking Perry because he is periwinkle but whatever floats your boat!

How 'bout “Terror Feet”? Or how 'bout “Parasoul”? He is blue, after all…

Does he fidgit much? You could call him “Paratweak”…

I’m sorry. I really should have my license to pun removed. Besides, it’s starting to change color.

How about Spritle or Chim-Chim?*

  • A vague reference to breasts.

I was going to suggest “Periwinkle” as a nice name, but evilbeth beat me to it. Then you could call it “Perry” or “Winkle” or “that annoying little cheepy shit” as the situation merits.

I think Ogden Nash put it best when he wrote:

The song of canaries
Never varies
And when they’re moulting
They’re pretty revolting.

Perry- I like Perry a lot.

(Who has two parrots, one named Ringo and one named Kramer)

I like “Shut-Your-Avian-PieHole-It’s-3am”…but I can live with Perry…

Perry is my last name… Interesting…

Anyway, I have two suggestions from Things Not To Name Your Child by Douglas Ellman (great guy).

Door Slammed And Easily Killed
Hans Shitface

Perry is good, but it makes me think of Perry Mason…

Mason would be OK, reminds of the Free Masons, conspiracies and the Illuminati…

Lumi is kind of bright and cheery, almost glowing…

Glowbird sounds kinda cool.

So, you should call him:

Perry Mason Lumi Glowbird

You’re welcome. :smiley:

Dorothy Parker named her parakeet “Onan,” because he spilled his seed upon the ground . . .

White Meat
Giblet Gravy (GG for short)
Holden D. Shtuffin

Crud, now I’m hungry.

Charlie Parker

You beat me to it, Eve. But it was a canary.

Cecil? Wally? Thanksgiving-Dinner-in-a-Pinch?

The name’s Erigar, Bud G. Erigar. You can call me Bud.

What about Stravinsky or Sky for short?