I am leaving this board!!!!!!

Hi guys, I’m pretty sleepy so I’m just gonna sign off for tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow. I just didn’t want any “what happened to Ophanim?” threads starting. Good night!

What happened to Ophanim?

Criminy, 114 posts and she just gives up.

Wait, I don’t even know if she’s a she.

Suck it up and hang in there, Oph!

Sucks to your assmar.

So, now are we going to have a couple thousand “I’m leaving this board…to (go to bed/the bathroom/the refrigerator/whatever)” threads every day now?

I’m fairly sure Ophanim’s a he, judging by this thread.

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I’m not convinced. What’s a “wimmin?”

Sucks to your assmar.

Well, c’mon, Kat. Remember when the AOL/SDMB was darned near kept alive for a couple of weeks by the sheer number of “xxxx Apologizes to the MB” threads?


I swear they’re gonna start charging for this bandwidth pretty soon on account of stunts like this . . .
Yer psychic credit card bill is in the mail Ophanim.

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No, no, I wasn’t complaining. I just wanted to be kept informed so I could start mine now (early in the cycle) so as to not appear to be a lemming when the trend hits big. Get in on the ground floor, so to speak.

<h6>Remember the apology threads that were started to apologize for starting an apology thread?</h6>

Beefymeg said
Criminy, 114 posts and she just gives up.

Wait, I don’t even know if she’s a she.

Suck it up and hang in there, Oph!

DAMMIT! I knew I was being too feminine! :smiley:

Who is Ophanim?

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Hi, Ophanim. Sorry I spelled your name wrong. My thoughts fly a lot faster than my fingers, at least most days. I sure HOPE you’re a guy!!! Since you’ve been flirting with me, especially.

Well guys (and lovely ladies such as purplebear)! I’m going to bed again, I got church in the morning. See ya later.


I hope you’re not asking us to tuck you in every night.

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Goodnight, Ophanim. Catch ya tomorrow, maybe. And,no, I won’t be tucking you in either. (Go ahead and say it, Shucks!)

Hmmm… I have to go to church tomorrow too but I’m still up.

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