I am not a bad mother because I don't volunteer at school!

When did it become expected to volunteer at school all the time? I already went to elementary school; I don’t want to do it again. Plus I go to parties, field trips, etc. Cut me some slack here, people.

PS – I never saw my mom (or anyone else’s, for that matter) at school and don’t bear any lasting scars.

That’s it – just needed to get that off my chest.

I’m with you. If I wanted to spend my time with other people’s children, I’d have chosen a career that allowed me to do that. The fact that I’m not the teacher is a pretty good indicator that I’d prefer not to hang out at the school.

Sure you are.


I don’t have kids, but when I suggested it was dumb that my sister (who’s in second grade) is already prepping for college all the other parents look at me like I’m insane.


You should volunteer at the school. Don’t be one of those slacker parents.

When are you supposed to volunteer at school - at night, after you’ve come home from work, fed your family and put your kids to sleep?

You can’t keep up with those moms who spend all their time at the school, planning events, organizing parties and rasing funds. If you try to keep up they will just run faster. Do what you want, volunteer if you want. If the job really needed to be done the school would pay someone to do it. Cupcakes with sprinkles for everyone is NOT a right (well, the uber-moms may be on to something there.)

Wow, what a bad mom you are. I bet the other kids all make fun of your kid.

This. Also, in my case, I have begged to help at school. But if you’re not a member of the PTA, they don’t call you. And you have to be a rich, elitist snob to be in the PTA. I am not a rich, elitist snob, and therefore I can’t volunteer at school.

Not only do I not volunteer, I refuse to sell their stupid wrapping paper and cookie dough, too. Top that.

Most school districts don’t have the funds to pay someone to do it. It takes a lot of volunteers to provide school activities beyond the bare basics. If you want your kid to enjoy those activities, then you need to volunteer. You might surprise yourself and enjoy it.

Or maybe those “elitist snobs” are hip to what you really think of them. Frankly, I wouldn’t want someone around who thought so little of me either.

I think some schools are probably really like that. Not mine, but haven’t you ever seen The New Adventures of Old Christine?

Yes! Wake up the lazy cretins and march them back to school in the middle of the night!

Howsabout I just send money? Because frankly, I don’t like kids, I don’t like activities that interest kids, and I don’t like people who like those things.

Yeah she should take off of work every single time the school has an “activity”. St. Patricks day is coming up so she needs to take off of work to help with that party because if she doesn’t then there will be no party and the poor special little snowflakes will be scarred emotionally and grow up to be serial killers all because she was selfish and worked to provide for her family. :rolleyes:

I hear you. I just “resigned” from my volunteer position because I realized I was dreading getting a babysitter, going to the germ factory that is an elementary school, and sitting in the hallway at a tiny table, attempting to teach the lagging kids their ABCs (my kid’s in 1st grade and reading books on her own).

I originally volunteered thinking I’d get to see her, and I’m phenomenally stressed and overwhelmed right now, so I woke up one day and was like, “why am I doing this?”

I do truly appreciate all the moms and dads who engineer things like group gifts for the teachers, or help coordinate the school fundraiser. But I’ve got plenty of volunteer obligations elsewhere, and it’s just not for me now.

I think I love you!

I dread (All Those Times of Year) when the order forms fly around work here.

You’re not a bad mother.

This is a bad mother.

Or a mother who does this. Or a mother who knows that her boyfriend is sexually abusing her kids and doesn’t do anything about it. Those are bad mothers.

When I registered my daughter for Pre-K I discovered her teacher was a woman I went to elementary school with AND worked as a TA with years ago. First thing she did was tell her co-teacher I would be the first to volunteer.

Seriously. I have no desire to handle other people’s children anymore. I don’t want to walk all over the zoo trying to keep up with pre-school children, and most barely speak English! I don’t want to bring in pre-packaged cupcakes for parties and I find no use for PTO meetings.
School time is ME time!

I’m sure the teacher is very disappointed in me and may even think I’m not a good mama. But I figure I send in stuff like I’m supposed to, make sure homework is done and keep my child clean, happy and healthy. That’s being a good mother.

By the way, in my volunteer duties I’ve had a chance to look at the kids’ binders, which are used to send information back and forth to parents, send home assignments, etc. Some of the kids would have a backlog of stuff in there - clearly their parents aren’t paying attention. And it’s quite obvious that some of them get no help with homework.

So when I feel like the world’s biggest FailMom because I forgot to send the reading folder back on time, or I forgot it was Crazy Hair day and sent her in with normal hair, I step back and remember those kids, and feel like a much better mom.

In this thread I see indications (perhaps) of a sentiment I’ve discovered in myself: I like my kids a LOT. I like my friends’ kids OK, in most cases. I tend to react to strangers’ kids as nasty, snotty, loud, rambunctious, ill-mannered carrier monkeys I’d rather not touch with a ten-foot pole.