I am not a gangsta. Or am I?

My forehead sweats in this weather so when my Mickey Mouse Christmas bandanna/headband got sopped I tossed it in the wash and put on a traditional red bandanna. While putting gas in my car a guy kept looking at me oddly. It finally occurred to me that it might be my red bandanna.

Back in the car my wife said, “One of these days that thing is going to get you shot.”

“Nobody is going to look at me and think I’m a Blood.”

“That guy did.”

I thought about it, remembered that most of my AA biker pals belong to a group associated with the Outlaws, and knew that somebody has my back. Who knew I’d become so “dangerous” when I turned 58? :rolleyes:

I noticed that you’re gangster. I’m pretty gangster myself.

Where I live, no one would draw that conclusion about a bandana. But then again, I don’t exactly live in a hotbed of diversity.

Everybody here wears bandanas because otherwise you will go blind from the sweat. I haven’t noticed any particular colors being off-limits, but I’m not the most observant person. Being right on the border with Mexicali, I kinda wonder now what signals the mexican gangs use.

No way, you got Crip practically tattooed on your forehead.

Time to buy a new onethat isn’t red or blue, I guess.

And watch out where you put your bandana in your back pocket when you take it off.You don’t want to get even more funny looks.

After reading about the handkerchief code I’m looking at dropzone funny.


Hell, so am I! The things one learns about oneself on the internet. :frowning:

Thank God my Mickey Mouse Christmas bandanna isn’t listed. I’d hate to learn what that says about me.