I am NOT a Scrooge.......

…I am Charlie Brown!

For years, most of my life in fact, I’ve been grumpy during this time of the year. The endless commercials, the BIG SALES!!, the greed - it just depresses the crap out of me.

At various times in my life, going back to my youth, there have been squabbles, eruptions and outright fights in my family on Christmas, which I’m sure contribute to my mood this time of year.

I’ve always considered myself as a Scrooge because of all this, but it’s just occurred to me - I am NOT a Scrooge. I’m not cold hearted, mean, cheap (well…) and spiteful. I’m just a guy that wishes the holiday would be toned down, and made less of an ‘event’ than a time of the year to celebrate family, Jesus (if you are so inclined, but I think even the atheists here can find some joy in the peace and love aspects present) and to do so without having to stand in line at Best Buy.

No, I’m not that guy. I’m the guy that wants Christmas to be a nice, peaceful, friendly, non-overblown time of year - peace on earth goodwill and all that…

This realization cheered me up - in fact so much so that I went and loaded all the Christmas CD’s we have onto their own file in the I-Pod, and am listening to my “Santa” mix right now.

Merry Christmas!

Now all I have to do is convince the wife to lose the 8 foot fake behemoth tree with 460 million ornaments on it, and let me get that little desktop model.

I hear ya, mbg! I want to love this time of year but almost always find myself anxious and blue over the myriad of things to do. I DID get a 4 ft. faux spruce complete with lights this year. Just couldn’t bring myself to put the big one together. My ideal goal is a nice decorative easel with lovely tree print. :slight_smile:

Good distinction, Mr. Bus Guy.

Good sentiment, and I agree!

Last night my roommates and I had a few friends over to make gingerbread houses, drink egg nog, eat pizza, and generally have a little holiday cheer.

If I could just get together with friends and family and relax over the holidays, without stressing out about SHOPPING!!!11, I’d be happy.

Oh wait, I do. As long as I can stay away from radio, traffic, TV, and public spaces I’ll be all set! :wink:

Luckily, my husband feels the same way. (As, do I.)
We don’t put up a tree, but we decorate the mantles on the two fireplaces. We play Christmas music, but we avoid the Malls at all costs.
We sent small, often homemade, gifts to people we love.
We visit his elderly parents during Christmas week, making them a big dinner and dividing the leftovers to freeze, so they have premade dinners when they don’t want to cook. We avoid being there on Christmas day, when the parasitic part of the family is there.
Hubby often has to work on Christmas Day, or Eve so we exchange gifts at home whenever we can.
We do buy each other more extravagant gifts, but we buy extravagant gifts year round. :rolleyes:
Og Bless Us, Everyone! :smiley:

I get very depressed around the holidays as well. I have a wonderful family and I’m more fortunate than most people in the world, but there’s always this underlying blanket of melancholy for me. I’m not sure if it’s SADS or the hectic pace, or what…but it usually takes me until Christmas week to start feeling up about it.

This is my first christmas as an “adult” and I have to say this holiday stuff is better for kids than grown ups. I love the holidays and I love my family and I love the presents, but now that I am worried about more than school and cute boys it seems really unnecessary to add all this extra stress when I already need to think about bills, work, my crappy car, etc. (And cute boys, who am I kidding?)

Every year when my grandma asks me if I am dating someone I have always though it was cute of her to be so interested, but all this stress is making it seem like it will be much less amusing this year. This year if she asks me I am going to grab a fat roll, jiggle it at her and scream, “THIS is why I am not dating anyone grandma! Quit freaking bringing it up already!” On second thought, I may just tell her I am dating someone but it is not yet time for him to meet the family.