I am not the Obama campaign

Not directed at anyone in particular, but:

1 - On the one hand, it would be terrible for the Obama campaign to decide that the election is “in the bag” and slack off.

2 - On the other hand, If I, a random guy on the internet, say that the election is “in the bag”, it really doesn’t matter.

So please don’t tell me not to get complacent or gloat too early.

Mind, if you say “I don’t want to gloat early because I’ll feel terrible if it All Goes Wrong”, that’s different. But please don’t ask me to pretend not to see the bleeding obvious just to accommodate your superstitions.

Please don’t think that just because you posted a thread with Obama in the title you are going to get lots of replies. You shouldn’t get complacent like that – for example, you could have mentioned tits in the thread title, or anticipated this very response in your OP.


Hear, hear. Neither am I: Tiger Woods, V, John Galt, afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Bullshit. I saw EVERYTHING YOU DID TO EVIE, and you will pay. I haven’t decided whether my revenge will be swift and terrible, slow and even more terrible, or medium speed and frankly unspeakable.

No I am not the Obama campaign!

I am not Spartacus and neither is my Sister, i have my suspicions about my dog tough

I am the Obama campaign.

And Spartacus. I’m WAAAY Spartacus.

That is a great name for a dog.

And I forgot, I am not Spartacus either.

And I am *absolutely not *Who Am.

Are you denying being Yahweh, or are you refusing to eat green eggs & ham?

What am I not? What do you got?

Are you a terrorist?

Are you Luke Skywalker’s father?

Are you or have you ever been a member of the communist party?

Are you still a wife-beater, and, if not, when did that change?

I am not a PC.

And so’s my wife.

I am not a number; I am a free man!

I have no idea whether this is directed specifically at me, but I did say something about not gloating, so just for my own record, let me be clear:

I do not believe it is time to celebrate yet. Yes, signs are good. That just means we need to work even harder. Slowing down on the approach to the finish line is a good way to get overtaken. Keep donating, keep phone-banking, keep doorbelling. There are lots of headlines about polls right now, and there’s reason to be optimistic, but the only headline that matters is the one that’s printed on the morning of Wednesday, 5-November.

Also, there is a difference between celebrating and gloating. I said I do not believe it is now time to celebrate; I further believe that the time for gloating is never. Not now, not after the election. It was ugly when Bricker and his fellow dittoheads did it, and it’ll be ugly if we do it. So don’t.

That’s my view. If you were addressing this to someone else, I can’t help you. :smiley:

Too late, Terrifel! I will make you my personal slave!

Soon, you will no longer be Terriel. You will be my slave. Already the radiation is weakening your will to resist. Soon your brain will turn to jelly; your mind will go. You will be a vegetable–a robot with no desire but to serve me.

Well, according to vBulletin you are #14 in this thread.

But who’s on first?