I am now Officially Old

I swore that I wouldn’t consider myself old until they had a Playmate born after I got out of my last grad school.
This has now happened. The current centerfold was born mere months before I met Pepper Mill.


To really feel like and old wreck, you can also try sports, especially entry drafts. Those eligible this year for MLB, NBA, NHL, etc. were born in Nineteen Freakin’ Eighty-Nine.


I think I’m gonna go buy me some of that Geritol stuff.

I was just going to post a thread like this (although I’ve never really wanted to have a Playmate, though my husband might).

I felt old today while watching my son. He was willing to do everything and anything necessary to satisfy his curiosity about something I take for granted - a spoon in our drawer. I watched him try to drag open the drawer. Then when that didn’t work, he tried something else. He kept trying until he got the drawer open. Then he had to stand on tip-toe just to see in. He worked for a good minute to get to this one spoon despite the fact that there was an almost identical one sitting on his table, which he could easily reach, then when he finally had it in his hand, worked for another 20 seconds just to get it out of the drawer when it kept catching on the sides.

I can’t remember the last time I worked that hard just to satisfy my curiosity. It made me feel both old and lazy.

It also made me feel like I need to work out. If you have some extra Geritol, I might join you. Then I can get those damn kids off my lawn.

Wave your stick at 'em first

I first discovered my decrepid age when the POTUS was younger than I. Sumbitch! The Presidents were always old fuckers.

I had a big birthday this week. Big as in milestone, not big as in party time! I very quietly took myself out to lunch on my birthday, and if Ivylad hadn’t sent me a dozen roses at work, no one else would have known about it. We’re going on this in a week or so to celebrate.

Yes, my son’s in college, yes, I had to buy my teenage daughter a bigger bra last week, but I realized age is just a number. I’m flattered to know I don’t look my age, and all I can do is keep doing healthy things and ride this ride for as long as I can.

So, I may be feeling a bit verklempt at reaching the big 40, but I don’t feel old.

What the heck, that was just a few years ago! How could anyone born in '89 even be out of diapers?
I keep the damn kids off my lawn by not mowing it. Well, actually they might be on my lawn but I can’t tell, and if they are the lawn they’ll probably never be seen again anyway. Serves those damn whippersnappers right. shakes cane

All you need to do is remember you’re only 28 in hexadecimal.

My son was born in 1989. He’s now off at college.

Imagine how my dad feels…he has a 40 year old daughter!!!

Today I felt old when I thought about how little I care about music or fashion.

Imagine how my Mom felt going out to get a birthday card for her 60 year old son!. She said she really felt old then.

Wait till a person in his twenties addresses you as “sir” (and he’s not serving you). That’s a gasp inducer. :frowning:

My grandma once told me that you really feel old when your daughter has false teeth.

Already happened, and I’m only 25. It’s kind of nice, that and being vouvoied.

Just wait until US presidents start being younger than you.

I can remember quite clearly when my Mother was younger than the age I am now. That’s a sobering thought.

Just remember, once you turn 40 its all just patch, patch, patch until you die. (-:

(turned 44 this year. Sigh.)

I turned 34 yesterday. When my mother was my age, she had 3 grade school age children, and within a year would have #4. Until I read your post, I didn’t realize that I did remember my mother being younger than me. Thanks. Really. I appreciate it so much.

I was casually flirting with a hot young woman at work, and eventually learned that I’m a year older than her mom.

For several years I’ve had professional colleagues, engineers and scientists, who were born after I started working there.