I am officially in my college's propaganda machine

I would post links really, I would, but that would cause me to lose my anonymity. Suffice to say, since February, an undergrad design project that I’ve been involved with has been featured in 3 different articles in the university’s various newsletters/websites. One was because our team placed fourth in a design competition and won $1000. And last year, a different design project I was on was mentioned.

We’re trying to take our idea to our school’s research foundation to get it patented. We’d be in good company–the same org owns the stem cell patents. there, I gave you a little hint.

Yay me! :smiley: Too bad I can’t find paper copies of them all–that would be a nice addition to my resume!

Kick ass :slight_smile:


Now just push those patents through split your money with the university of Hrrm if you’re not going to say it then I shouldn’t either <wink>

As a side note, any way you can stem cells at a reduced rate? Maybe a doper discount?

University of HmmmIThinkIKnow. Checking the website there…

Nah, I don’t want to be a stalker today. Maybe after breakfast.

And now we’re mentioned in one of the student papers! Kickass!

Somehow I don’t think the rebuilt Centennial Showboat is the design project pending patent approval.

Eh, that’s all the searching of Minneapolis student papers for now. Don’t say I didn’t try.

Who says I go to school in Minneapolis?


So do you work by the light of the moon? (mmm… more hints if I’m correct) I can’t get the paper’s website to open however and confirm it. D’oh.


by the bright shining light of the moon?

I guess you could say so.

Badgers are nasty, nasty creatures.

I’ll take the time now to say that when I started this thread, I didn’t intend to turn it into a game of “guess where easy e goes to school and her ‘real life’ identity.” Namely because of reasons I stated in the OP. Finding out the school wouldn’t be so hard–I’ve posted about it before. I just wanted to brag and share my excitement.

From now on, I shall neither confirm nor deny any allegations of my identity. If you’re curious (or bored) enough to go looking, be my guest, but I won’t help you any more.

Oh, and Ino, at least we have a mascot you can be scared of! “Golden” gophers, indeed.

My mistake, it’s lno. Just discovered that from the “mispronounced” thread.

Have you never gone gopher fishing? It’s a sublime pleasure.

Congratulations on your acccomplishments, even though you’re OVER THERE.

Nor was that my intention. Besides one in 40000 is a big haystack.

Well, your subterfuge (muted as it may have been) intrigued me, and lacking anything else to do while sitting inside looking at library mall I figured I’d reply. The stem cells were a dead giveaway. :smiley:

BTW, in my excitement I forgot to say congradulations, a friend of mine also just recieved an award for research, and like you has much to be proud of.