I am Retired

I do suggest Paul_in_Philly. Shows continuity. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to many posts from Paul_in_…

Congrats! Like many others, I’m looking forward to your future posts and stories. Enjoy this great new phase of your life!

Conga-rats, Paul!

It’s a little bit of an adjustment, but it’s soooo great not to have to worry about or even care about Other People’s Work. You hear about a problem you used to have to fix and you can just slide right past it. No longer your circus and no longer your monkeys.

Do keep us updated on your transition to the retired life. At 63, you’re just a pup, and you’ve got plenty of good years ahead. Fun, relaxed, happy years. We all wish that for you.



Sorry if you were pushed out before you were ready Paul. But retirement does have its benefits and I hope it agrees with you :slight_smile:.

Congratulations! 12 weeks to go for me.

May I suggest: “Paul_ex_Saudi”?

Can’t wait to read your insights after living in the region for a while.

ETA: Congratulations on retirement, and keep well.


Perhaps Paul_Exceedingly_Relieved_to_no_Longer_be_in_Saudi_but_Still_Missing_his_Paycheck? :wink:

All in all, Paul was in Saudi seems fine.

I am at home in the Philly suburbs. I arrived at exactly the scheduled time. We live in an age of miracles.

I was delayed two hours in Dammam on Wednesday night. They said it was for “security concerns.” The cabin crew said it was a drone attack, “again,” last time was for nine hours. Nothing like that in the newspapers.

The Qatar flights were nice. They are trying to leave every other seat empty and that makes all the difference.

Now I am sitting and enjoying the silence. Tomorrow I will settle in. Honestly, all of this is very hard to internalize.

The farewell party was nice. Many nice things were said, some tears were shed, not all of them mine.

Off to new adventures!

Welcome home Mi Amigo! The USA is a weird place, weirder than when you left. But it’s still home.

Congrats on your new life. I also retired at 62, and don’t regret a moment of it. I’ve also never felt the desire to resume working for anyone in the past 12 years. I think you’ll find that it’s nice being the boss of yourself, but everyone’s different.

Welcome home!

I’m really interested in what the USA feels like to someone who has been away for so long.


I kind of like Pauladelphia.