I am scared

I’ve just heard over the radio that British and american commandos are begining military operations in Irak. Don’t get me wrong we all knew for months that this war was going to happen but I least I only knew it in an “intelectual” level, now it seem it is also a cold fact.
Irak, Israel and Palestina, North Korea. How this all happened? it seems that in the last three years a madness took over our political leaders.
And now I am truly scared. It’s a small confort to be living in Argentina, sometimes being a midget of a country far away from the rest of the planet is a blessing.
It’s a lame rant but it is everything I can write right now.

Well as far as the war is concerned, that ain’t starting until March 18th, so relax until then.

As far as I know, the US has not yet begun any military attacks against Iraq.

Neurotik I can’t provide a link because I heard it, as I said, over the radio but they said that commandos are conducting sabotages, watching the oilfields and marking targets for air strike.

All I can find is a report that US Marines are taking steps to prepare for an invasion. Specifically, they’ve been cutting a fence on the Iraq/Kuwait border but there might be more going on that what is being reported.

“…than what is being reported.”

Something that amazed me, which the Gov said a few days ago, is that we are now flying 750 sorties a day over Iraq. I figured they would fly a few F16s and take a few pictures a day, but 750 sorties? Wow.

My officemate commented that a step-up in bombing Iraq was “front-page” news on BBC.com, but there wasn’t a peep about it on CNN.com.


We have been flying sorties over Iraq non-stop since the end of the first Gulf War. And also bombing and destroying any Iraqi air defenses that challenge our air forces. And I have no doubt that special forces have been infiltrating Iraq for weeks or months now. But no “regular” forces have crossed the border as far as I know.

FWIW: The increased air activity was a major part of NPR’s morning edition newcast.

I heard that Argentina is next.

Yes but we haven’t been flying anywhere near 750 sorties a day since 1991, this is a recent thing.

How is this any different than any other time. Shut up you whiney bitch…

Fuck you. With all thats going on in the world you have the nuts to call someone a whiney bitch?



And you are what?

What’s a sortie?
(Hope it’s not something obvious that everyone knows except me… but if it is, I have reason to bump that great MPSIMS thread…)

Just wondering…

Isn’t it a generally bad tactic to announce the date of your invasion?

A mission. If a plane takes off to do something, patrol, attack, CAP, etc… That’s a sortie. Read “flights” instead of sortie.

They aren’t only bombing ground to air sites, they are bombing ground to ground sites too. The war has already started.