The war has begun???

I hear a report on the radio that air raid sirens are going off in Bagdad. Anyone else hear anyting?

It could be a false alarm. Clearly the Iraqis think something is up, based on the AAA (anti-aircraft artillery).

That’s what they are reporting on MSNBC also.

Of course, by now you’ve probably heard CBS (and I’m sure other stations) reporting that the explosions are Tomahawk missile strikes.

It also could be some kind of decoy, drone, intelligence op., or a mission to get the Iraqis to light up their radars. It sounds like real hostilities will begin within hours, maybe hour.

Ari Fleischer just said it has started. The PRes will address the nation at 10:15.

Word on Fox is that Bush is going to speak in half an hour–that’s 10:15 EST.

Must be something happening - the fuckers at NBC have cut into the Law & Order reruns so we can look at still pictures of dawn sky over Baghdad. I love it when the news people don’t actually have anything to say, but feel like they should be on the air anyway. It’s often the time for endless inanities.

Yes, I’ll be leaving my puter in 15 minutes to go watch Bush’s address to the American people with my hubby. (Wait, bad grammar. Bush is not addressing the people with my hubby. What I meant was. . .oh, nevermind.)

First strike by US in Baghdad - “target of opportunity”. Apparently Tomohawk missiles were launched against a target in Baghdad, possibly a meeting of Iraqi leaders.

This seems horribly understated, but good luck to us all.


I am ashamed to be an American tonight. :frowning:

Down with Bush and his insane aggression.

The rest of us are ashamed you’re an American, too.

He’s not talking yet – that was 10:15 Eastern, right?

Shit shit shit shit SHIT.

He gave his speech already. It was short and to the point. Basically the usual party line blah blah blah. I kinda tuned him out…

Now is not the time, **Jomo. **

No one’s particularly happy that war is occurring. But instead of saying “Down With Bush” right now, perhaps a moment of silence, a thought or prayer for those who are fighting, something along those lines?

Amen, Persephone.

Hear, hear!

Right now there are lots of people all over the world who are afraid and have the lives of themselves, family members, and friends in serious danger. Let’s remember that.

Gimme a fucking break. This “now is not the time” crap is so fucking lame. If it were up to half of Bush’s supporters, it would NEVER be time to criticize his holy fucking highness.

If you’re really correct, and “No one’s particularly happy that war is occurring,” then what’s wrong with continuing to oppose the policies that led to its commencement. After all, it’s the US that’s starting it.