Kambucta's right...

I WAS in the wrong thread, when I said the anti-war protesters were completely wrong about what they were doing.

The other part, though…I know I’m right.

The anti-war protests were conducted with best of intentions (possibly; I remain convinced that some people were there for unworthy reasons, never mind the unworthiness of the cause). But it serves an end that they cannot possibly believe is in the interests of anybody but Saddam. In short, I believe that if you’re against this operation proceeding, you don’t have all the facts, and that invalidates your opinion.

I have a lot of insight into this, and I DO have the facts. I work this problem every day, and have for over three years. I know what I’m talking about, and when this is all over, the people that are bursting with smug pride over their role in the way-cool, hip, chic and popular anti-war movement will have dam’ little to say for themselves.

Because it will have been proven to everybody with eyes to see, mind to comprehend and conscience to admit - they were wrong.

A link might be a good idea, some of us don’t know which thread you are referring to.

Gee, Mr. McCarthy. What’s that bulge in your pocket?:rolleyes:

Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Bluesman, you words are wasted on these ignorant ingrates. I say we hang back, let Saddam build nukes, invade Saudi and Kuwait, jack up the price of oil and threaten London, Paris, and Berlin with nuclear devastation if they attempt to interfere, then listen for these “progressives” howl for the US military to help.

Well said, Bluesman. The anti-war crowd is a shining example of Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’.

Here, it is meant to be a discussion of how the anti-war protests were in various cities. Not the validity of having them which is what Bluesman and gobear attempted to hijack it into.

What a depressing thread this is. :frowning:

Well, bully for you Bluesman. I’m so happy to hear that at least someone knows exactly what is going on, because the rest of us plebs have to rely upon a media that is not renowned for dispensing objective and untainted information. If you are privy to information that will change my mind about the wisdom/moral acceptability of a US invasion of Iraq, then how about sharing it with us???

Until then, your proclamations and criticisms are worthless.

Upon some reflection I’d like to add “Fuck you, Bluesman” and “Fuck you, gobear” to my last post.


Hey, Airman, i know you just love those rolleyes smileys, but you might want to give us a hint as to who it’s aimed at - the OP or his critics.

Oh, I forgot to add “Fuck you, White Lightning” to my last post.

Did you happen to notice where he lives, anyone? Fort Meade, Maryland, home of the NSA. If anyone knows what’s going on they work there, and I for one believe him when he says that.

There’s also a little matter of security clearance do address. If he said anything, he’d go to jail for a very long time.

What I do wish is that one of our officials would lay it all out so it’ll settle the matter, instead of making people like Bluesman look like chumps.

BTW, we really do got the goods. I wish I could prove that to you.

It was a MPSIMS thread about how it felt at the various rallies. There are numerous other forums and threads within for the pro-war hawks to masturbate in. That thread was clearly not one of them. Bluesman conceded that in the OP here. Gobear is being a dickhead but at least he is now being one where he can be, in the pit.

Conservative circle-jerks are just as boring as liberal circle-jerks.

Ya gotta love the debating logic of Bluesman and Airman: i know what’s going on, but if i told you i’d have to kill you.

Also, the beautiful assumption that if you work for the military, the NSA, or any related agency, there’s absolutely no chance that you’re anything but objective on any issue that might even relate even tangentially to national security. No, it’s only those anti-war freaks that have agendas - we military types are the objective arbiters of all truth claims.

And, Airman, you shouldn’t be blaming the officials for making Bluesman look like a chump - he’s doing fine all by himself. The SDMB is really going downhill, even here in the BBQ Pit, when the claim “I have a lot of insight into this, and i DO have the facts” is taken as prima facie evidence that the poster has proved his assertion.

Notice, i’ve made absolutely no claims here about the need (or otherwise) for war. That’s barely even the issue. I’m only pointing out how asinine is the arguing strategy being used by these guys.

I live in Montreal. So I must work at ICAO. Ask me anything about international civil aviation policy! I’ll tell you the unvarnished, unbiased truth!

That’s just it. We can beg, plead, and cajole all night and yet it looks like McCarthyism. It’s very frustrating.

I resent the fact that you people can protest the war with no knowledge, but when we support it with knowledge but are legally bound to keep it a secret, you call us liars or say “Bullshit” and then continue on with your anti-war celebrations, snug in the knowledge that you’re making the world a better place by your actions.

I can only hope that in a few months you’ll understand why I’m saying this. I’ve opened myself up, as has Bluesman, for all of your resentment about the war. Why would we do that if we didn’t know something? But go ahead and continue. I’m hoping the situation becomes clear to you guys eventually.

Airman Doors, USAF You are privy to intelligence that we the civilian populace doesn’t have?? You’ve been in the Air Force exactly how long?

The sad thing, Airman, is that these protesters don’t need your information to see how foolsih they’re being, The need only read the newspapers or read some of the recent books on Iraqi history to see that Saddam has been a threat to regional peace since he succeeded to office in 1979.

I have superduper thrice-filtered extra secret infomation as to why this war shouldn’t be fought.

But I can’t tell you, 'cause if I did, I’d have to let you live.
:::Just how high can the Bushit pile get? We now have dorks on a message board claiming to have ‘the real ultradelux secret reason for war’:::