Hey Bluesman, a question for you

You know, not too long ago over in this thread you made some pretty strong claims about Iraq and WMD’s:

So now it’s been a while, and I’m curious. What happened to these facts you were so sure of, and why hasn’t the proof arrived yet?

Patience, dear Gary. It’s easy to bomb the shit out of a country… but as Spaceballs conclusively indicated, it’s very, very difficult to comb the desert.

Fair enough Spoofe, but I was rather hoping Bluesman might be able to give me a rough estimate as to when this evidence might turn up.

The thing is Spoofe, the way Bluesman went on, he would swear he knew exaclty where they were.

If they had beed destroyed or moved, there must still be some evidence left behind.

Where is it?

Bluesman was talking out of his chumpf.

Bluesman has been very busy over the past few months, and he rarely comes to these boards any more. I will not point out this thread to him, because frankly, he’s been working damn hard in service to his country, and doesn’t need this kind of crap.

I will make a few points, however. He was not talking out of his “chumpf”, whatever the hell that is. This target has been pretty much his life for the past two years. However, he does not have control over how well or quickly an extremely large geographical area is searched, nor what information is released to the public.

In spite of the fact that the main focus of US forces has been attempting to re-establish some sort of quality of life for the Iraqi people, and not really on looking for weapons, there has been some preliminary evidence of WMDs found already.

You may remember that there was a fairly long buildup to our actual arrival in the country, with plenty of time for WMD to be destroyed or hidden (and not necessarily in Iraq itself).

And finally, I would like to say that, having gone through it before, Bluesman understands what war means. He understood that one of the inevitable results of doing his job was going to be dead Iraqi civilians, including children like his own. This is a thought that is disturbing to him.

However, in spite of that, he was totally, 100% behind taking this action, and went to work every day (and I do mean every day, for a while. Sometimes for days at a time) and gave everything he had. He was able to do this, not because he is some sort of war monger salivating at the thought of death, but because he truly, totally believed that this had to be done for the safety of his nation. He reached this conclusion given the facts that he had at hand.

Whatever you may think of him, he fought hard to keep you safe. He deserves your thanks for that.

That would be nice… but I was trying to imply that he’s out there, right now, searching for the WMD’s with a giant afro pick.

“We ain’t found shit!”

Can I blushingly admit now to never having seen the film? Sorry.

Keep who safe? Me?

Just pointing out that you should probably aim your comments to the proper audience.

In other words he was happy enough to take time to boast superior knowledge, but now can’t spare time to try to explain why all his confident claims have amounted to…buggar all.

Sure thing.

I don’t recall aiming any comments at you at all. I was aiming them at the OP.

And you assume he’s been kept safe by your husband?

No, I’m sure he would make time to comment, if he knew about this thread. He won’t be hearing about it because I’m trying to return my family to some semblance of normal, and when Bluesman is home, I am trying to give him at least some time when this situation doesn’t occupy his thoughts entirely.

I’m afraid having him respond to you doesn’t rate high enough on my urgency meter to justify interuptting what leisure time he has.

Um, yeah, he has. Not just in terms of the war, but in terms of homeland security. There is stuff that gets prevented all the time, that no one ever hears about, because my husband and his colleauges are an incredibly smart, talented and dedicated group of people who are in the business of protecting this country.

What if the OP isn’t from ‘your country?’ Then what?

And this answers the question, how? :rolleyes:

Oh, there it is: (the snipped bit…)


Lucretia I am VERY pleased that the war ended up being short and with fewer casualties than had been expected. I’m especially pleased that Bluesman remains safe and sound, and that your family hasn’t suffered any loss. But to say that the allied troops ain’t looking for weapons is phenomenally stupid. Of course they are desperate to find weapons because their presence will vindicate the war actions which are STILL being condemned by many the world over.

And doesn’t the US have incredible satellite detection systems that would monitor movements of ‘big things’ out of Iraq and into some other country? Then there is the issue of why Iraq didn’t use 'em (WoMD) if they had them…I think the answer is fairly clear that they didn’t have doodly-squat.

And consequently, Bluesman et al in that other thread were either talking out of their arses or given a bum steer by the powers-that-be.

Which way does the wind blow from London?

Lucretia, no one is doubting Bluesman’s devotion to protecting his country. I’m sure you are concerned for his safety and proud of his work.

However, he made claims, and the evidence isn’t there to back them up.

And now you are doing the same.

Such as? A couple of trucks that might be able to function as mobile chemical labs? A chemical storehouse that was already known about by the UN Weapons inspectors and sealed and accounted for?

Very, very convenient. If I am proven wrong, then I will admit I’m proven wrong, but I can’t for the life of me see any proof of what the US administration used to scare the world onto the brink of WW3.

Would the collapse of Western Financial Markets negatively affect most Westerners? “Protect” does not need to mean from physical, bodily harm.

UncleBill, in all fairness, that is what Lucretia implied.

Really, now, Twisty. I was not 100% behind that latest unpleasantries, either, but WW3? Hardly approached that.