Hey Bluesman, a question for you

Judging by the skiddies left in my underwear, it certainly felt like it. :wink:

Just to clarify my statement, I just wanted to point out to Lucretia, that this message board has people of other nationalities. That should be considered when advising people that they should be more thankful for her husband’s services.

You bloody Irish…never grateful for anything are ya? :smiley:

(Just as a minor hijack, does the Traditional Music Festival in Miltown Malbay on the west coast still happen in July?? I’ve been promising myself now for 8 years to make it, and with any luck, this year might be a go-er)

Don’t know about the Trad festival, but if you can make it over in November, the Ennis Trad festival will be on.

Although if Miltown Malbay is where your heart is set on, you could make it over for the Darlin’ Girl of Clare festival.

Beauty contests, Irish country style. :wink:

That statement, along with the others you’ve posted in this thread, are some of the most arrogant I’ve ever read on this board.

The countries in this world do NOT exist in a vacuum. People of various nationalities were killed in the WTC on 9/11, and just this week, 20 people were killed in a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. Although about half were Americans, the others were of various nationalities. And I don’t exactly see Ireland stepping up to the plate to help the US in this fight.


I’d just like to point out the obvious:

· Bluesman made the claims. Bluesman isn’t here to defend himself from attack.

· Lucretia feels compelled to defend Bluesman. That’s perfectly understandable.

However, attacking Lucretia, no matter how satisfying that may be, isn’t the same as attacking Bluesman.

Cut her some slack, please.

Um… maybe that’s because Ireland is a neutral country…? However, despite this, Bertie Ahern went against the people’s will and the constitution to allow US planes to refuel at Shannon airport.

Aiiii…(looks in can of worms)…

All I’m saying is (and I’m not representing Ireland, Iran or the USA as an expatriate) that I have a right to decide whom I should feel thankful to and why.

I find it unfortunate that you label anyone not appreciating your (US) armed services and intelligence officers (I’m assuming that is what capacity Bluesman is employed in) enough as arrogant.

I’m not insulting his work; I’m merely pointing out that I don’t feel he did anything to ‘keep me safe.’ She clarified she was referring to the OP with that comment, so it’s up to him to come back and respond if he wishes.

Furthermore, most of the world was behind the US after 9/11. That, and Bali, and the (probable) al-Qaeda attacks yesterday, are NOT the same thing as Iraq, despite what the US administration is implying.

Triple simul-post. That’s fairly rare.

Ireland is a Neutral country (even though we allowed U.S. planes refuel at Shannon (and there was alot of protest at that)). Our standing army is involved in peacekeeping missions around the world. If the peacekeeping missions in Iraq were under U.S. control you could extect to see a delegation of Irish soldiers out there.

In other words, don’t chide my country unless you know what the hell you are talking about.

Who isn’t American either. Now I’m sure your devotion and pride with regards to your husband is a wonderful example to us all, but you’ll excuse me if I recall just how insulting and desparaging he was to various people in the thread I linked to, as well as the one he originally gatecrashed about peace protests. He made bold claims about how people would be proved very wrong…and frankly I would like to see some sort of reasonable answer as to when this is going to happen. Failing that, what should I do but presume he was talking complete bollocks?

And pray tell how was this terrible collapse of the western economy likely to happen, and how did your NSA prevent it? And if anyone dares answer that they have proof of it but they can’t show me for reasons of national security I may have to resort to nasty words.

Robin, with all due respect, the WTC attack was not perpetrated by ‘Iraqis’ (as representing the Iraqi govt, is what I mean). Indeed, the culprits WERE Muslim fundamentalists, but to connect them to the Iraqi regime directly seems somewhat naive. The ‘terrorist’ issue and the ‘Saddam’ problem are two quite seperate things.

What do the terrorist attacks of 9/11 have to do with WMD (or maybe the lack thereof) in Iraq?

Why the fuck would Ireland step up to the plate to help in a bullshit war based on lies and shite even if we were a country capable of helping.

I’m glad that not a lot of allied troops got killed carrying out their orders but I have no feelings of pride or gratefulness to them. They were not fighting/working for my freedom.

Ironically, Ms. Robyn finds that opinion arrogant, but not the opinion that we should all support ‘our’ country.

Oh, and with regards to Shannon Airport, yes, there was great protest DEMOCRATICALLY to the refueling of US planes to go to Iraq. There was no such protest to supporting the US after 9/11. There was great commiseration and sorrow, throughout the world, even in countries that had no citizens injured or killed.

Even the mayor of Tehran sent his condolences to the mayor of New York City.
"Tehran’s mayor, Morteza Alviri, has sent a letter of condolence to New York’s mayor, Rudolph Giuliani. “The news about the recent terrorist acts which took many innocent lives in New York caused deep grief and sorrow,” said the message. “Undoubtedly this act is not just against New Yorkers, but all humanity.”

Iraq is another matter entirely. I don’t wish to see the two issues confused in order to make anyone who doesn’t support the ‘war’ in Iraq look anti-American.

I wasn’t specifically addressing Iraq. I was pointing out that foreign nationals were killed in 9/11 and in Saudi Arabia; not just Americans. And the coalition wasn’t as broad as it was in 1991.

What I read was, “You don’t speak for me”. What I said was, “The heck we don’t.”


Hell, I’m American and I feel that way.


MsRobyn, are you saying you do (as a US citizen–albeit a very vocal one, with her own personal views on matters) speak for citizens of the entire world.

Man, that’s some microphone you got there.

Oh, and I’m the one who is arrogant. Must remember that.
(It is really funny, in a sad sort of way.)