Revisiting the WMD issue but…

Kwiatkowski &
now Powell via Woodward

confirm what educated people had deduced and discussed on the state of the evidence, sure.

But what do we find, Bluesman, who made repeated efforts to deceive people on this board about the evidence, often indiscriminantly using bold type, pr#ofa*&ni!ty and UPPER CASE LETTERING, Bluesman who dishonestly exploited his inside knowledge to misrepresent the fabled WMD intelligence, Bluesman, who took the favoured flame-out and run tactic, so typically cowardly of his ilk, Bluesman, has signed on as a Charter Member.

To quote the man:

Abides my ass! 100% see-through on your flimsy lies. Come out from hiding and tell us again I am the authority! Woncha.


Here ya go.

A more direct link to Gary Kumquat’s Pit thread: Hey Bluesman, a question for you

I hadn’t read that thread you linked to Larry, I didn’t realize it was so good. It’s got some brilliant stuff in it, e.g.:

Turns out scr4 is psychic:

For this priceless puff from one of the above links:

Oh there’s no valid critical process here Lucretia, working real hard has Bluesman been? Goofing off, to sponge his brats off the public purse and add to the growing mass of falsehood in the world!

Add GingerOfTheNorth to the conspiracy of falsehood.

Add Bluesman to the pit again because I’ve just remembered his flame-out occurred but days before the David Kay revelations he knew were about to arrive.

Neither Lucretia nor GingerOfTheNorth deserve much criticism for things they said in defense of family and friends back then. Don’t be a jerk. :mad:

I know it is the pit, but jeez man, Bluesman is in the service of the US of A. Grant him that. It’s a lot more than me, for example, that takes it in the shorts for taxes but that’s about it.

That said, I would like Bluesman to either clarify those earlier statements or say security prevents him from doing so. Maybe the Bluesman saw bad data but took it in good faith. Hell, the American electorate did much the same.

How am I to know he in the service of the US of A? Because he and at least 1 other anonymous poster has said so?

For all I know, bluesman is a 60 year old jewish woman.

Demostylus, China Guy, you’re right. I went too far, I confess the resentment has been brewing, my apologies to the affected parties.

Shanghai & Sydney, 2 of my favorite places, how are things there?

By all means flame on at bluesman, but please try to limit the collateral damage.

For one thing, all the Mid-Atlantic Dopers know him and Lucretia and their kids. Bluesman is an honorable man–he was taken in by Bush but so was I and so were many other Americans.

Bluesman is neither honorable nor co-deceived. He claimed first hand knowledge of evidence, evidence mind you, not analysis that answered the question definitively.

With Dr Kay’s final revelation imminent and known to him in advance he flamed out of the board in a apparently final vomit of hate and mendacity. Did so in order to avoid accounting for his assertions in the face of damning facts.

And now has the audacity to return. Well the sneak’s back and it’s accounting time.

Since I know Bluesman IRL, you are cordially invited to go fuck yourself. I don’t kno the evidence that he had or what he was told, but I know him and his character, and he would never, ever, do anything contrary to the interests of this country or in any way state anything that he himself did not believe to be true.

He is a patriot, serving his country for measly pay and the ingratitude of ungrateful, sniveling left-wing trash like you.

You may argue with his politics, but don’t you DARE attack his honor or his character.


Oh I missed the rule that nominated the professions above question. Kindly point it out for me for future reference.

Interests of his country? Spread noxious lies about its largest public policy issue, to help the admin poison the public mind.

It’s EXACTLY his supposed honor and character that I’m pitting

Do I need to show your where your friend explicity put his integrity on the line. Well I’m calling him on it.

But the trend line of his cowardice is that he’ll rely on the limited vocabulary of lieutenants like gobear to speak for him, rather than front up to meet the questions.

At the very least there can no argument that he was, at best, incorrect? It’s been about a year, surely if the secret evidence he referenced has turned out to be valid, it would have come out by now?

Is there any reasonably plausible scenario where it was true and we would not have heard about it by now?

I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was working from bad info, and not lying. I just hope those who backed him because of his position can now see that this type of claim, even from someone allegedly “in the know”, isn’t proof-positive.


limited vocab, my aunt Agatha. Simple AngloSaxon expletives are all that;s required to dismiss assmonkeys like you. And I’m nobody’s lieutenant–I am, however, someone who sticks up for his friends.

I’m curious how you even know of the debate on Bluesman’s claims or that in your POV he has “come back”, since judging by your signup date of January 2004, you weren’t even around for last year’s heated debates…

Good point, and one that I will remember for future claims.

sevastopol, what gobear said. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting the Bluesclan. Suffice it to say that having met Bluesman, I can say that he is not a 60-year-old Jewish woman, nor do I have any particular reason to doubt that he is who he says he is.

So, speaking as a friend of the Bluesclan, kindly go fuck yourself.


How the fuck did I end up getting flamed over this? We’re not allowed to defend our friends?

I know Bluesman. I know that he doesn’t lie.

How do you define “lie”? :slight_smile: