Useful Idiots: How many of you still think invading Iraq was a good idea?

[li]No WMD’s[/li]
[li]No ties to AQ[/li]
[li]Innumerable deaths, countless numbers of maimed . Iraqis, Americans. Anyone else in the territory[/li]
[li]A perfect training ground for terrorists and extremists[/li]
[li]Complete collapse of a stable nation into total disarray.[/li]
[li]USA’s reputation worldwide down the proverbial toilet.[/li]
[li]“Democracy” inside the GreenZone. Anarchy countrywide.[/li]
[li]Real democracy would bring pro-Iran Shiites into power, thus increasing their already growing gun-point Theocracy nationwide.[/li][/ul]

So then, Useful Idiots, what say you? Halliburton stock been treating you well? EndTimes coming to a head? Or can we simply see right hrough your ears?

I vote this be moved to GD.

The prospect for civil discourse is slim.

And I here I was missing a thread like this. I mean, it’s been so long since we’ve been down this road that we really need to rehash the points. So much has changed since the last time!

Why, no, I am not still beating my wife.

I guess you don’t fall into the “stay the course” school of strategic thinking vis a vis Iraq?

As time goes on, RedFury’s name just becomes more and more apt.

I’m not “useful”, so I’m not eligible to reply to this thread.

Until opening this thread I was opposed to the Iraq war. But the prospect of becomeing a useful idiot is irresistable.

OK – I’m for it. Anything to help out another Doper. We HAD to do it, once the CIA spent all that money slamming those planes into New York.

Useful enough? :confused:


Some/all of the points I’ve raised may indeed be conducive to debate – though I feel the facts bear me out quite nicely. However, the reason I opened it here is because I don’t particularly feel I owe the assholes that still support this clusterfuck any amount of civility.

In fact, I want to refute them and then call them just that.

I know it won’t do much good but I find it kind of liberating - kind of a verbal “Shock & Awe” aimed at their conscience (if they have one left) rather than their bodies.

Anyhow, whichever way it goes, I won’t be bombing 'till tomorrow. It’s Friday, I’m single and fortunately, I’m not in Baghdad.

Stupendous GreenZone here abouts.

Indeed. The hoops RedFury is one game away from becomimg World Champions.

We rock.


Not really. You’re still a clueless babygirl hung-up on her looks – or lack of them for that matter.


[li]* No WMD’s* [/li]They were moved elsewhere! Syria, Jordan, etc.

[li]* No ties to AQ* [/li]They just haven’t been uncovered yet!

[li]* Innumerable deaths, countless numbers of maimed . Iraqis, Americans. Anyone else in the territory* [/li]They made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom!

[li]* A perfect training ground for terrorists and extremists* [/li]So if the U.S. leaves now, the terrorists will have won!

[li]* Complete collapse of a stable nation into total disarray.* [/li]But the U.S. freed them from a brutal tyrant!

[li]* USA’s reputation worldwide down the proverbial toilet.* [/li]Why do we care what anti-war countries think?

[li]* “Democracy” inside the GreenZone. Anarchy countrywide.* [/li]We just have to kill a few more insurgents and democracy will be accepted in the rest of the country! *

[li]* Real democracy would bring pro-Iran Shiites into power, thus increasing their already growing gun-point Theocracy nationwide.* [/li]But at least there will be law and order!


Could you possibly correct your grammar, and then make clear your point? The linked story doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what you’re saying - unless RedFury is the nickname of the Spanish team?

Coincidentally, found this little gem by Richard Dawkins today. Almost 3 and a half years old and still very, very relevant.

I didn’t know he ever got particularly political but, not surprisingly, I like his politics.

Oh man, that hurts. I was thinking you loved me, thought I was beautiful, and longed to hear my intelligent points articulated. What am I going to do with my life now? I mean, since I base my entire being on what random morons on the internet think of me!

Remember, you were 20 once too, old man. Although, I’m sure you were only interested in the deep and philosophical at the time, maybe that’s why you view me as such a superficial ding bat. What can I say? In the grand scheme of things, I can’t really say I’m hurt that a man as old as my father (and not too much younger than my maternal grandmother) doesn’t find me attractive. Frankly, I’m relieved. Thanks, though!

I’m off to cash in my Halliburtan stocks or something.

Hey look! A Troll. Wow, we never see those around here.

Hold this pit for a moment…


Shit! We (The US) sucked again in International Basketball!

So what power beat us this time?


You are shitting me!

Nope… :frowning:

You know Red, I detest the idea of colonialism as much as the next rube.

The thing is, by holding Iraq the US doesn’t need to keep relying on the military might of our nephew Israel. And that’s a good thing, especially in light of the Tin Pot Lebanese Fiasco.

You need to look on us as willing to expend our boys and girls in the mission to kill pop-up targets, enemies from the Middle East and all over the world who’ve been spoiling for a fight since they could lift an AK. Our forces absorb the fire on burnished breast, yet all you can do is complain from your tropical paradise. I say hypocrite.

I’m not RF, but you are correct.