I am sick and tired of Scott Peterson and Amber Frey

If it fucks or bleeds, the media and the people can’t get enough of it. And, unfortunately, the Scott Peterson-Amber Frey affair provides plenty of both.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Scott Peterson, and now Amber Frey. Here’s a person whose claim to fame is fucking a murderer unwittingly. And now, we must endure her publicity blitz for her book, while she is trying to appear very somber, indignant, and victimized.

Get over it, bitch! You got off lucky; look at what the asshole did to his wife and unborn child. So, spare us your insipid story of how he lied to you. Hopefully soon he’ll get his justice dispensed to him intravenously. You should be happy they didn’t have to drag your remains from the bottom of San Francisco Bay. Your book is hardly worth covering the bottom of a birdcage.

And if think you deserve to make some money because you fucked guy who is a liar, an asshole and a murderer; then you and that smug attorney of yours can come kiss my ass.

On the plus side, her new book has pictures of her in see through lingere. I’m not going to buy her book but I will sneak a peek.


Really? I wonder why.

As to the OP, sadly, I bet her book will sell like iPods. iPods being, of course, the new hotcakes.

If you wait long enough, I’m sure she’ll end up in Playboy.

If she can sell a pile of books and make some money, more power to her. She will be gone from the media radar in a matter of months anyway.

You are so not alone in being unutterably tired of hearing anything about this case. I didn’t care at the beginning, during the endless middle, nor at the end, nor now. I have probably surfed past CourtTV about every other day since the case came up, and discovered that the case was the topic of discussion. Of course it’s been a continual source of discussion everywhere else too. And in the end, I have to ask about this case, so what? People die every day. People are murdered every day. I’m sure some of the people who kill and are killed are also reasonably good-looking too.

The mass media thrive on being bottom-feeders, pundits thrive on being bottom-feeders, and the woman with her book will thrive on being a bottom-feeder until her 15 minutes which the other bottom-feeders think she richly deserves, are up.

I blame the whole mediathon on OJ Simpson, when the media learned that, apparently, the entire planet cares about pretty people getting killed by pretty murderers.

But it’s hard work to do real investigative journalism, and why bother when you can just pump out endless trivia about a trivial murder case. The only question I have about the whole case, is, when will the next big non-story about a murder between pretty people start? Because what else with the mass media have to talk about? Old peoples’ birthdays? Puppies getting rescued from drain shafts? Talentless pop stars and their social lives? I mean, what else is there for the mass media to investigate?

Technically, it’s just the agents, attorneys, media and audience who are the bottom-feeders.

Ms. Frey is their bottom-feeder fodder.

Ah, Amber Frey. The Paula Barbieri of the new generation.

Not all bottom-feeders are bad, you know. I love my catfish and goby.

The sad thing is that I had a sort of respect for her before this. She was duped by a sociopath and she did the right thing by 'fessing up and taping his phone calls. Now you have to wonder what her real motives were: to provide justice for Laci’s family or to provide a platform for a book deal.

And, no, I won’t be buying her book.

You could almost feel her counting it down. . .

Can I cash in yet?

Not yet, trial’s still going.

Can I cash in yet?

Give it a little more time.

Can I cash in yet?

Well, it’s been a month since the trial, but it might get lost in all the Holiday Hoopla.

Can I cash in yet?

Well, that tsunami thing is kind of losing it’s sex appeal. Let’s DO IT.


I saw her interview on tv last night with that Matt Lauer? guy.

He forgot to ask her one last question:

“Will you be giving the profits from your book sales to Laci’s family or to a charity?”

On one hand, I think she ought to be able to come away with something, on the other, I think she shoud just slink back under whatever ugly rock she slid out from under…though I suppose that’ll happen soon enough

Why does he need to ask that question? So we can “forgive” her for writing a tell all book. She is a single mother who was working as a massage therapist. From what I have heard, the Roachas have a lot of money. Wasn’t Lacy due for a big inheritance?

Plus Amber has to pay her attorney, Gloria Allred, who probably doesn’t work cheap. Although since this was a huge media event, Ms Allred may have given her a discount, since she got to be on TV everyday.

She can do anything she wants with the money. The guy burned her. She called the police, and did everything she could to help convict him. If she gets something back for the way her life was turned upside down by a lying convicted murderer, so what.

Or boxing Tonya Harding. Rrroowwwrr!

Perhaps she will fade from the media spotlight even quicker now that she has shown she is a total dud as an interviewee. I saw some of the Matt Lauer interview and I saw some of the Oprah interview (not intentionally) and in both cases the interviewers ended up having to tell most of her story for her because she couldn’t seem to do it. She was very dull and trying to get her to answer their questions was like pulling teeth.

I guess I see it a little different from you. I don’t see her “claim to fame” was fucking a murderer. I see it as a woman who risked her life (literally, I believe) to tape hours of phone calls so that she could expose Scott for the psychopath he is. As far as I know, they had ZERO evidence that Scott was anything but a loving, devoted husband, and Amber kept up a charade to get the proof they need.

As far as selling the book, why not tell her story? If people want to read it, they’ll buy the book. If not, they won’t.

I dunno. She was tossed into the middle of the gooey mess for no reason other than she began dating Peterson. It certainly seems as though she tried to do the right thing upon discovering she was keeping company with a nutjob.

I’ll add, however, that her comment on Today this morning that she wrote the book “to help others who may be in the same situation” struck me as fucking ridiculous. Call me hopelessly naive, but we’re in some deep shit if a bunch of women are dating socipaths who kill their pregnant wives a la Scott Peterson. Does she think she’s breaking a phenomenon wide open? Cracking the mystery seal on suburban cheating/pathological lying/killing/body dumping/bunny teeth/hair dying?

I would bet money that Ms. Allred offered her services gratis.

I saw the Matt Lauer interview as well. She seemed like a nice girl. ::sigh:: I guess I was too harsh on her, though I would have liked her better had she not done the book deal.

BTW, isn’t she married to a doctor now? Or have I completely dreamt that?