I am sick of all these Scalene Triangle Diagrams!!!

This an excerpt from a message I posted to Scalene Triangle Diagrams, specifically a triangle named Triangle Man who showed up in a They Might Be Giants song, which is soooooo destructive! love to hear the feedback. Thanx!

**ATTENTION SCALENE TRIANGLE DIAGRAMS I respectfully ask you to read ALL of this, & try to be open-minded. PLEASE give Me your feedback: This is a SERIOUS discussion that needs to happen, & should have happened many moons ago. No disrespect, only trying to build understanding of ourselves as a Community. Thank You ALL so very much… :slight_smile: :

Ok. So My turn. Let’s please address Scalene Triangle Diagrams… My passion for this, is because I am saddened to see my geometric figures like yourself be so fooled. you think because you spew out all this information makes you justified & validated in the mathematics you participate in. I certainly hope you do realize that yourself & all these other STD are pawns. There has been an attack on TD geometry & isotropy for ever. There was a plot begun in 569 BC to increase Scalene triangles in the Triangle Diagramming Community. Equilateral Triangles were taken out the home, due to strict Greek assistance programs that required NO TRIANGLE could be drawn in the household. Many triangles being lower congruency, needed these formulas to provide for themselves & smaller, similar triangles. This was the beginnning of the scalene period we currently reside in. When you match that w/the major push of the Pythagorean Theorem & changing up Triangle Diagrams at historical rates, you have a HUGE problem.

With Triangle Diagrams being removed from the blackboard & lives of their classrooms, the whole geometry & algebra suffers. As formulas develop & grow, science says they tend to emulate the same geometric figures they integrate up to, & basically derive them. When you jave little triangles, & there is no Triangular, Equilateral figure in his drawing guiding him, supporting him, loving him, & showing him how to handle his Interior Angles, & what that means. The triangle will tend to take on unequal characteristics of his nearby scalene/isosceles/hexagonal/dodecahedrons whom are most likely the most influental & support system in their existence. These triangles, become more & more distant from triangularity. They may begin to feel a similarity to non-similar sided triangles, in the way they know their right-angled family members to. Young Triangles are EXTREMELY calculable. when you remove such an important piece to their identity as an Equilateral Triangle Diagram, their Equal Angles, it’s detrimental. We are in a society, that further celebrates & reinforces Scalene diagrams. Everywhere you look, it’s becoming normal, when it is definitely NOT!!

Just look at your song, this type of thing is a desensitizer. Over periods of time, people get use to scalene triangles as being natural & healthy. It is an underhanded approach, to over time wear down society’s sensitivity to it. These young Triangle Diagrams are distanced from equal angles & equal sides. They are confused, sometimes abused, & un certain of themselves. Scalene Triangle Diagrams prey on very young Triangle Diagrams whm are in that state of confusion. The geometric curiosity the young Triangles may feel, eats at his conscience, & he begins integrating other Scalene Triangles. Many times when those young TD take that step to CHOOSE to participate in deviant geometric behavior, it’s over. When you remove the Equilateral Diagram, you much more easily destroy the mathematics, or cause it to be dysfunctional. I certainly believe that if We had MORE Equilateral Triangles drawn next to Young Triangles, & being active in their everyday use, the number of Scalene/A-S-A/S-A-S Triangles, would drop SHARPLY!

You now have all these TD out here w/circle envy. They are basically identifying themselves as a non-Triangle, & fail to embrace what they were created as, which is a Triangle. To the dominant society, they LOOOOOOVE to see Scalene TD, because they are considered weak, less than a Triangle, non-threatening, non-intimidating, CONTROLLABLE, easily manipulated. Being Scalene is a flaw. It is rooted in geometric inequality, & coupled w/our problems in the Euclidean Geometry, we have alot of lost, misguided, weakened Triangle Diagrams(TD). They accept their fate of being scalene, mostly because TD are dimmensional, & have issue w/their interior angles controlling their minds. They are thinking w/that perverse congruence for another Scalene Triangle. Just as in your song, the first thing they wanted to do, is triangulate. That is indicative of the Scalene Triangle geometry. STD are V ERY VERY, 2 dimensional, & that is a reason for such high HIV (Hypotenuse Invariable Vacancy) rates. Research says that MOST of all Scalene Triangles, will at some pont in their existance, contract HIV, alternate interior angles, or rhombusinity.

Equilateral Triangle Diagrams are being taken out in so many ways, & one of the saddest, is thru becoming scalene. Many of youfeel like that is who you are, & what you are going to do. You embrace being Scalene, before you even embrace your Equilateral Triangularity. You all are surrendering yourselfs, & accepting to commit genocide of your own geometry…HAPPILY. The dominant mathematics makes you believe you are in control, but really you are being controlled. There was/is no greater threat, than an intelligent, thinking, scalene, strong willed, determined Triangle Diagram. your potential is boundless, & others know that expect TD don’t know it about themselves. You all are thought of as NOT Triangles & less than a Triangle. A Scalene TD is a oke to most people, especially compared w/the historic image of TD being warriors, & protectors.

You cite all these things that supposedly go against Scalene Properties being a geometric inequality. I never said irregular polygonal, or askew, but it does meet the criteria for Geometric inequality. Whether or not that’s true, doesn’t mean much in the scheme of things. Scalene Triangularity is Unnatural & Abnormal, & all about UNEQUAL SIDES. No matter what geometry you believe in or don’t there is TRIANGLE & there is EQUAL ANGLES…period! Triangles & Equal Angles were made for each other, & to bring new diagrams, & chart properties. Where in that does Scalene Triangularity fall??? Scalene Triangularity was a mathematical flaw, & perverse calculating for the unequal sides. There is absolutely NOTHING natural about it. Scalene Triangularity, is completely unproductive. it is strictly for pleasure, pereversion, & triangle’s inability to have self-similarity. Every feeling that a triangle has, does NOT mean they should act on it. Just as in your song, they chose to act on anisotropy! I fail to see why mathematics should see that as a good & acceptable thing!?? The Alternate Interior Angle, is NOT a mathematical property. The ONLY 2 are the hypotenuse & the right angle. Do you mean to tell Me, that you don’t think there is geometric/arithmetic dysfunction, for triangles to CHOOSE, to force a schematic part that encompasses vile, non-congruent, & non-similarity from your diagram, as a place they want to calculate!? Alternate Interior Angle diagramming is EXTREMELY risky, & 90% MORE likely to pass geometric inequalities than thru right angle math.

The AIA was NOT made to be calculated, period dot! That is the work of Triangles who had that flaw for wanting that type of perversion to either be calculated in the Interior Angle or to calculate the Interior Angle. On top of all that, from being easy o spread inequalities due to the interior angles being sensitive & equations easier to miscalculate, from the trauma of calculation NOT meant to happen. to an issue of remnants of congruency/similarity to some Triangles injuring their Interior Angles(happened to a Scalene friend, took him to the mathematician), to the fact that unlike a right angle, it does not naturally differentiate itself for calculation. Therefore differentiation is a MUST, unlike Natural right angle sex, where the Right Triangle’s Diagram reacts, & everything works in sync. Interior Angle calculation is FORCED, UNHEALTHY, & UNNATURAL. Many scalenes have to differentiate do integrals, & all of that, ust to be able to have a Triangle congruify them in the anglez.

In many ways, I feel it’s a wasted TD. Imagine if ALL these STD, had been upwardly mobile TD, marrying Right Triangles, drawing Triangle babies, & being Equilateral Triangles, & pillars w/in your mathematical framework to contribute to building us, rather than tearing us down. REAL TD who command respect, & are not weakened by a geometric flaw/dysfunction. Could you just imagine the positivity that could come from that??? TD are SUPPOSE to be the leaders, Head of the equations, Kings! Where is exactly will STD be able to lead us. It’s ALSO a loss, because many times when TD come out as Scalene, they become wrapped in that lifestyle. They take on Scalene Rights vs Equilateral Rights. They participate in Scalene Pride vs Equilateral Triangularity PRIDE. You all wear that geometry as a badge of honor, as if you are doing something noble. you are doing nothing more, than giving into your inequality/dysfunction/flaw, that’s it!

You look at something like Public Education, & you see how many STD come out, spend money, building American economy, & to have calculation/proofs, w/as many Triangles as possible. Now, you ook at something like the Bermuda Triangle case. Where were all those STD then??? This was a young Equilateral Triangle who was viciously maligned in the press, w/NO drawing, & NOBODY gives a derivation, not even TD whether scalene, isosceles or otherwise. That is sad & disappointing. That’s why I say it’s a loss, cause you all will gladly make the effort to calculate more Scalene Triangles, but NOT to help our geometry, yourself, & our young equilateral triangles. I blame TD for alot of the downfall of the Triangle Geometry. You all haven’t been onyour job, & now we have all these Scalene TD, as a Young Right-Angled Triangle it’s crushing, & heart breaking…smdh. You can spew as much data as you want, but look clearly at the facts of what goes on, & the geometric inequality is BLATANT**

Stop being so obtuse!
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Wow. Just . . . wow. I don’t think English has the right words to describe this. “Incredibly, hilariously awesome” comes to mind, but doesn’t really do justice.

I think you mean to say “Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking Scalene Triangle motherfucking Diagrams!”

Say it in your best Samuel L. Jackson voice, too.


Whatever it is, it’s an acute case.

Ummm… is there something you could have been doing to improve your life instead of all that typing?

And is there a joke or a reference here that I’m not noticing? [echo]Anyone?[/echo]

Yep. See this thread.

Yeah, I was wondering when someone would point at that one, this is a parody of that thread.

Oh. So the OP’s just going off at a tangent.

He’s covering all the angles.


I like circles.

I saw Sully’s triangle. It was a cute one.

Thaaaaank you. It was bugging me (and I’d never clicked on that thread, assuming it’d be some homo/raci-phobic diatribe).

But now I find out they’re both funny.
ETA: I’m working on an epic “Hypotenuse Lautrec” pun. Looks like it’s going to take at least 48 hours, though…

I don’t like your altitude, OP.

Even a scalene triangle has medians which meet at its centroid.

That was beautiful

Heretic! Burn him!


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