I am smitten by a fairy....

…who goes by the name of Pibgorn.

The allure may be that Geoff, the “action hero” of the comic strip, is a cardiganed, half-spectacled organist at an Episcopal church.

Whose girlfriend, Drusilla, is an evil succubus. With some really nasty magical powers, plus the ability to play the violin.

Although I’m rooting for Pibgorn to steal him away from her.

Got damn, this Brooke McEldowney is a contemporary genius of the graphic novella. His 9 Chickweed Lane is already the only comic strip I bother to read on-line.

Oh, how I wish there was a printed Pibgorn collection!

Huh, I thought that you were coming out. My bad.

You wish, meatball.

Hmmmm…I see, after a quick search, that RealityChuck is a huge Pibgorn fan. Hope he reads between the lines in the thread title.

This thing has been going on for three years, and I’ve only been able to access the first few weeks of it through Comics.com.

9 Chickweed Lane has been my favorite since it first came out. Pibgorn has the same Jane-Austen-reading levity about it, which I appreciate, but I’m pretty bored with the plots. I can never figure out what’s happening and why.

Several years ago there was a 9CL strip about Dr. Burber and the “sophomore hunkoids in the first row.” He apparently got a lot of flack over it. Poor Brooke, chaining his sense of humor to please the masses…

I thought you were going to come out and say that IRL, your name is Christopher Farney.

I first saw 9CL shortly after it began, in the Miami Herald or something around 1994, on a business trip. Dr. Burber was all excited over wearing a leopard-print half-slip underneath her dowdy academic clothes at some faculty meeting, and my response was, “What the hell IS this?”

It took a while to get into it, reading it online…but after figuring out Edda and Gran and Amos and Thorax and what makes them tick, it’s now a complete daily addiction.

I was thinking about that a month or two back, during the storyline about the young nun (one of Edda’s teachers) and her budding lust for the young visiting priest. – he must have caught all kinds of shit for THAT. “I told him my hair was red under the wimple because I wanted him to think of me as a desirable woman with long flowing red hair!” And her hair was really brown.

It was a shockerino to learn that Brooke is a MAN. The women in his various works are the real centers, and the strongest characters…his men are all either wimps or complete screwballs.

Yes, I am a big fan – there’s some great fantasy showing up, the art is great, and Dru is one of the sexiest women in comic strips.

I’ve been skipping the reruns, but will be back as new story lines begin.

As am I. I posted a thread about Pibgorn when it first started but evidently it hasn’t been indexed.

Well, come on, boys, give us some details, some information! Right now all I have is a profound ignorance of Pibgorn, thirsting to be quenched.

Given the paltry smattering of reruns on comics.com, I know that she had a flying mishap and was taken to Geoff’s porch, that she changed size a few times and then shrunk Geoff down to fairy-size…lots of baisers de la fee going on, many not connected with spell-casting…that they survived an execution attempt by some guy who looks like Gandalf…that they returned to the cottage and Drusilla showed up and started trying to kill Pib. Does Geoff know that she’s really a sorceress?

Great line from Dru, BTW: “I knew what was happening as soon as I walked in…Geoff is such an idiot…he reeked of fairy.”

Not yet. Pib will show him when they get back from their walk.

I don’t know how much of their adventures will be shown prior to the start of new strips but Pib and Dru reached an agreement. Pib gets Geoff while Dru loves him from afar. The trio has battled vampires, a vengeful Victorian spirit who had been ensconsed in a piano, and assorted demons. One demon in particular had been plotting revenge on Dru ever since she caught him witing plays by stealing Shakespeare’s thoughts.

Does this strip suffer from the same problem (IMHO) as 9 Chickweed Lane?

That is, it doesn’t go anywhere?

At least with strips like Doonsesbury and For Better or For Worse, the characters age and move on.

Two of the main characters are, for the most part, immortal. Aging isn’t an issue.

Mr. Blue Sky: Oh, hell…aside from “Gasoline Alley,” and the two examples you mention, hardly ANY comic strip changes from year to year.

Remember the classic MAD magazine article “What if Comic Strip Characters Were as Old as Their Strips” ?

I’m not going to give “9 Chickweed Lane” a buncha shit because Edda’s not a 27-year-old soccer mom in suburbia, Juliette’s not all wrinkly, and Gran and Thorax aren’t dead and moldering in the grave.

Jeff: “Pib and Dru reached an agreement. Pib gets Geoff while Dru loves him from afar.”

My, my, how con-veeeeen-ient. For Geoff, at least. How come Pibgorn gets to have and to hold him, seeing that Dru was there first?

More to the point just what exactly DOES Geoff bring to this little crew, aside from his pianistic talents? Pibgorn has wings and magical powers, Drusilla has LOTS of magical powers, and they’re both hotter’n two-dollar pistols. Just what is their erotic attraction to this Church Organist in a Cardigan? And does he wield any magic aside from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier?

Maybe Pigborn likes having access to an (occasional) twelve inch pianist?

It has to do with Dru’s nature. She’s a succubus; her love is fleeting. Pib really is smitten with Geoff.

Music has charms to soothe the savage demon. Especially accordian music.

Dru had trapped a bunch of demons in a pulp detective novel and placed the book on Geoff’s shelf. Pib found the book, started reading it, then both were attacked by a Sam Spade-esque demon. This started a fire, which attracted a bugbear in a firefighter’s suit. The bugbear attacked Pib while trying to get the book. She flew off and used a baiser de la fée to shrink the bugbear but dropped the book in the process. This led to thousands of demons, in the guise of characters from the book, emerging from the East River. Putting the demons back in the book required the use of accordion music, which Geoff provided with his keyboard talent. Picture Geoff - dressed as Rambo - with Pib, Drew, and a borrowed magically-amplified accordian at the top of the Empire State.

Why they were in the Big Apple in the fist place is another story.

Ike, you know you can get access to the full archive by signing up, yesno? Only a few bucks for a year’s access.

[spoiler]A spell, IIRC. Dru falls deeply in love with Geoff, and will do anything for his happiness. Since being with Pib makes Geoff happy, she must acceed to his wishes. (I really loved that).

She has threatened to kill them both once the spell wears off. I like that, too.[/spoiler]

That, too.

Maybe he does it to get the chicks.