I am so used to high octain weed that it doesn't work anymore. How long to detox until its fun again?

I got my MMJ card a year ago and have been smoking the high powered stuff ever since. I don’t get stoned anymore (I do get relaxed, but I like the buzz) This has happened in the past with the cheap stuff and usually suffering without for a week is enough that I get stoned again.

Anyone got any ideas how long I have to abstain now? I know from past experience that I can’t “cheat” during the waiting period so knowing when I can start enjoying again would be great.

Week or two usually does the trick for me.

I haven’t smoked pot in years, but maybe you might have a better buzz with edibles? Even if they legalized the stuff for recreational use in Indiana, I’d be hesitant to pick it up again because it would be way too potent for me. It also seemed to linger in my system longer than I liked, so I’m sure that would suck for me now that I’m about 40 pounds heavier than I used to be.

Dispensary worker and longtime pothead chiming in.

A week is a traditional tolerance break (often called a t-break) and be prepared for difficulty sleeping and weird or extra-vivid dreams.

I’d say the high from gummies or other edibles is different from smoking, although I’d expect someone with a med card to know their way around the different products already. But if not, let me just add that, because THC is fat soluble, I feel that chocolate or other edibles that contain fat work better than gummies, which are nothing but sugar and gelatin.

You guys are making me feel much better. I was afraid I was going to have to take a month off or something horrible like that. This will be the first time I’ve done a t-break (thanks for the correct term @purplehorseshoe) without tobacco, I’ll bet I need to get some pumpkin seeds for the oral gratification.

Personally, I don’t really like the high I get from edibles. I mean, its nice and all, but just too serious for me. Besides, if I’m trying to clean the THC out of my system, edibles probably won’t help.

I think you might be incorrect, the dispensaries out here have 3 different tiers. My problem is that about 6 months ago I stopped using the highest grade stuff as an occasional treat and started treating it as low grade weed. Yanno, I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints and then I smoke 2 more.. I’m not driving anywhere now and I’ve got my video games at home…

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I only know the Sublime version.

You’re right that edibles will keep your tolerance high (he!) so skip those for now.

I really enjoy my once-a-year two week tolerance break. I experience vivid dreams that are intense and remembered in the morning. Usually I “don’t dream” or I guess I don’t remember my dreams.

Another option is to try dabbing concentrates (budder, shatter, etc). Personally I prefer smoking bud, and when tolerance seems to be developing I can switch around strains and that helps.

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Or not. I’m not strong enough to take a t-break with bud in the house, so I’m smoking everything I can tonight and taking the rest to my best friend who knows how to say NO!

I’m not really a big fan of shatter, but wow, moon rocks really rocks me! Probably not a great idea to move to higher powered stuff because my tolerance to the high powered stuff has raised.

I don’t work for money anymore. While I was working, I smoked tobacco to cover the smell of the weed. (Must have worked, despite daily use, I’ve never had a run in with Officer Friendly or HR over my use. Of course, I chose to go into government work because they don’t drug test. It wasn’t until I was in my 50’s that I really understood how smart I was.)

When I retired, I got my card and quit smoking tobacco. Tomorrow will be the first day in 53 years that I haven’t been sucking carcinogenic smoke into my lungs on an hourly basis. I wonder if I’m going to pass out from oxygen overload.

Have you considered one of these ?