I am somewhat afraid

Some issues have been noted with Run Hide Fight, but that’s for another discussion. Here’s video of of an actual disgruntled loser shooting incident, from 2010 at the Panama City FL school board.

How bad do you need this job?

So, your place of work, like just about everyone else’s, is a hot-bed of gossip. Those in authority lie. Property is of more concern than staff.

This is odd. All you know is that he has tried to meet with people in the building, that the Capitol police were more interested in guarding his office than you, and that you have been lied to about other things.

He left a Rolex, left to him by his grandfather, in the office, and cannot get it back. If he does not get it within a year, it will be considered abandoned property and confiscated by the state.

If I am wrong, I think a nice steel front to the reception desk would be a nice idea.

Um, interesting and I’d have to say realistic, even if the reality is very unpleasant. The message was that we’re on our own – that most if these shootings are over very fast, before even the police arrive. And yes, the concept he was teaching was Run Hide Fight - In No Particular Order. We have to continually to assess our situation and decide from moment to moment whether to move, stay put or offer resistance.

This is a message that could have been delivered in 5 or 10 minutes, but the class was two hours.

Because you have to keep repeating and reinforcing the message over and over until it sinks in past the resistance, denial and/or pollyanna “The Police will protect us!” thinking.

But isn’t the biggest problem the Freeze response? No amount of talking gets one passed that, does it?

WTF? This is real interesting, I’d love to hear more details on this.

I agree.

Wow. That was a riveting video. Holy cow. I’m amazed at how low key most of it was, as the head guy just kept on talking to the shooter.

From that link:


The wisdom of not reading the comments extends to those embedded in the actual video, I’ve found.

Um, what’s this about a Rolex?

I worked at a place that was considered a top notch career job for mechanics. Top pay, excellent benefits and retirement. Our standards were relatively high but by most standards not even close to extreme. The two cases I noted were both alcoholics who felt I took away their one chance in life. I ended their marriages, I cost them their homes etc… I always remind them when they would call up drunk to threaten me that they lied on their application about 4 prior drunk driving arrests and the insurance would not cover them.

Or that they failed a drug test at work while obviously intoxicated. The calls got less frequent over the years.

Oh, that’s my theory about what the Weird Co-worker is really after. He’s trying to retrieve something valuable that the state offices don’t want to relinquish.

I don’t really think it’s a Rolex. I think it’s evidence of malfeasance. But it might be libel to say that.

Yeah, it was eye-opening for me when I was in a situation where I had to call the police for something urgent (missing child that we thought we had spotted, not a shooter thank goodness) and they didn’t show up even after a good 20 minutes. I realized then how naive it is to think that you can count on the police to arrive in time to help - ESPECIALLY if you are in a major city with a lot of crime.

How about an update, Jim? This is worrisome.

Fortunately, I 'spose, there is nothing to update. The guy hasn’t shown up, the cop has been withdrawn from the building – so his path has now been cleared. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that has come out of this is that the response to the training class is so overwhelming that we’re going to schedule more sessions of it.

I guess that’s good. What a world, eh?