I am soooo Embarrassed!

I was working on something in my cube and forgot where I was. So absent-mindedly I just let out a huge belch! And I know at least five coworkers heard it quite plainly. I think I’ll slink away to lunch now…

That’s nothing–not five minutes ago, I forgot who I was talking to and said “I love you” before I hung up.

I’m just glad it was a customer calling for directions, and not a co-worker, because I’d never live that down. I’ve lived in fear of doing exactly this for years–I finally got dumb enough to actually do it.

I totally embarassed myself yesterday when I farted! I just pray nobody heard it. Yeah, right. At least they’re nice and don’t say anything.


My buddy did that absentminded, loud burp thing. We were at Vail on a crowded balcony overlooking the slopes at lunch. Just lets out this BUUUUuuuuuurrrrrrRRRRPPPPPPppppppp! and the whole damn porch just goes silent. Wew were still single at the time, so I could have killed him.

Got it beat.

Sitting in my room during my conference period, reading the Dope. Nobody around, feels just like home, so I let forth a fart. A genuine toxic event. I was quite proud of myself, until 5 seconds later a student walks in looking for help on an assignment!

I had to jump up and meet them at the door. “No, really. I’m on my way to a meeting. Follow me and I’ll help you on the way. No, you can’t sit at a desk and get help. You don’t need to know why.” :smiley:

Great term.

Girlfriend of mine was in the restroom of a restaurant. From the stall next to her she hears, “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaap!” (Like someone ripping denim.)

A little old lady voice exclaims, “Woops! Stepped on a frog!”


Oh my gosh that is hilarious!

My husband’s family blames the offensive noise and odors on the barking spiders. :smiley:

Where i work, we all just blame the 1 lady in the office only because she claims she never farts or burps. Sometimes it sounds like feeding time at the zoo.