I am Spartacus!!

At last, my band has finished our demo.

We got into the studio two weeks ago, and recorded 6 songs.

I’m very happy with the results!!

If wants to hear them, I converted them to mp3 last night, and if you have 4.5mb free in your mailbox I can send you out the best song from them.

I dont have the know how to put them on a web page, so if any kind soul want to help, They will get credited on the first platinum selling album.

hell, we’ll probably call the album after them.

Send it out Mr. ofFate. I look foreward to hearing it.

To post your MP3’s on the web go to http://www.iuma.com

Click on Artist Uplink, follow the instructions, and away you go.

<shameless self promotion>
If anybody’s interested, my stuff is at http://delta9project.iuma.com
</shameless self promotion>

Right on Twisty! I remember when my old band made our first cd and the absolute elation I felt when I did. Please, if you would, send it my way. I’ll even throw it up on the web for ya if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d love to give 'em a listen! I’m always picking up new stuff every day…


I have my band’s music all over the internet.

As Delta-9 suggested, IUMA.com is a great site. As well as MP3.com, however, I’m not sure of their financial future, but at least they’re still sending us free money! :smiley: Also, try Napster. It’s a great way to gain that much-needed exposure!

Let me know if you join on MP3.com. I can add you to a few stations.

No, I’m Spartacus!

(Hey, somebody had to say it.)

thanks y’all,

Simetra and idiotboy, check your mail!

Trion, I’ll mail it to you soon!

Hey ToF, I’ve no sound card. Will it be released as an 8-track?

I’ll get a copy pressed onto 78 just for you. :wink:

Hey Twist…Is the band name Spartacus? If not, what is it?

Very cool tune. Entertaining lyrics. Good guitar work! Lemme know if you need some pointers on interent promotion…

the bands name is I am Spartacus.

I have been setting up a IUMA site and it should be ready soon. none of the songs follow the same genre, really.

BTW, if you like the guitar work, you would be interested to know that our guitarist is completely blind.

He rocks.

Oooh… I want to hear Twisty’s band! (I also want to hear idiotboy’s and Simetra’s bands.) :slight_smile:

One track in your mailbox right now, 'Depity

Twisty - I just gotta say - Wow! Great Stuff.

Twist - Wow…it must be a guitarist thing. If you’ve noticed my sig line “7 guys, 13 nipple”…our guitarist would be the Uni-nipple. Apparently it was due to a childhood bicycle accident. But apart from physical disabilities, guitarists are weird anyways.

Let your strummer know I said “Wow!” I’m muy impressed. :slight_smile:

Serendipity - If you wanna hear a tune or two, I can email some to ya or you can go to http://mp3.com/jerkwaterjive

A little warning, though…a couple of our tunes’ lyrics are a bit on the illicit side…but only for cynicism’s sake. :smiley:

I sent you an email with the proper address for getting big attachments like mp3s, so when you find the time, I wouldn’t mind hearing it as well.

Yeah, send me an MP3. Hope it fits…

(I really need to clean out my inbox)

At least this MP3 will be legal! Hit me, Twisty.

IUMA isn’t accepting any new members!!

I have to set up a whole new site!!!

:slight_smile: ah well, mp3.com here I come!

Sounds like a good thing. I wanna give a listen and see if ya is good. Drop me the song through the e-mail clucius@bsu.edu