My Band's CD Is Out!

As I mentioned in another thread, my band’s CD is out. It’s available on Napster, from me via Email, from me via snailmail (slight charge), and soon via website. All methods, save snail mail, are free, but only snail mail gets you all 14 songs instead of 9.

Some of the material is possibly offensive, so be warned.

You can find it on Napster under username Homer7881 or pwick_dogg, or by searching for Sopraños (with a tilde). Or, hell, just email me.

When we get it on the web, I’ll post the address and include it in my profile.

My band is called the Sopraños (for now, the name changes often). The members are John, lead guitar and vocals, Mat, backup guitar and vocals, and me, Tim, lyricist. I can barely sing and barely play, but I’m getting better. This CD is called “The Sound of the Future” and the next CD is tentatively titled “Chilicothe Tom”.

All the recording is done in John’s room at the frat house, with either an acoustic guitar and mic for a live sound, or electric plugged directly into sound card (no amp) for a really clean sound. Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 is used for editing and mixing.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy.


P.S. The songs I wrote are called “Dancin Diana”, “Danny Glover” and “Tribute”, as well as “Drunk Driving” which is so far unfinished and unreleased. I also wrote the song called “Wasted Time” which is available only on CD, as well as about a dozen others that are so far unfinished. I hope they make it on the next CD.

And yes, that is me singing on “Danny Glover” and while my singing talents leave something to be desired, they’re not that bad. The singing was done poorly on purpose. Once you hear the song, you’ll know why.

Hopefully by the next CD my guitar and singing talents will have evolved far enough to make a strong showing.


You’d think they’d show more interest wouldn’t you? 24 people take an interest in Sofa King’s genital denuding and ignore this? They have no taste. You’d think that guy could see anyway, that his problem resides less with the woolly balls attached to his body than the ones that his jersey seemed to be made out of. The needles and the damage done.

Maybe the name Sopranos has a secondhand ring to it. You could open a thread and ask for good band names. I’d like to get a copy of your CD if you have any left. Offensive is fashionable, I suppose. When you consider that Alice Cooper was once offensive though, you begin to wonder.

What’s the snailmail charge and mailing details? I’d like to have a copy.

what genre is the music?

What’s the SDMB charge for when somebody spams?

Hey Homer,
I put my bands mp3’s up recently. I’ll take a listen to yours and tell you what I think.


Anyway, the charge is… um… well… postage, I guess. And I doubt if that will even be enforced. :wink:

As for the name, we were Sasquatch!, but then that one died, so when I was outta town they decided we were Thë Sopraños. I’m not a fan of the name, but I’m sure it’ll be different next month.

The genre is nonexistant. We have a waltz, rap song, a few monster ballads, latin explosion, 12 bar blues, etc., it’s all very eclectic.

Like I said previously, if you want a hard copy (CD, case, liner, notes, etc.) email me your address, if you just want the songs, you can get 'em from Napster, I’m in the process of putting them on, and you can also email me and I’ll attach one or two and send them to you.

Thanks for the interest!


Charge? You’re going to charge me? Well then, don’t think that you’ll be getting my first cd free. Charge? Bah!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is one of the funniest songs I have ever heard. You are truly sick. You rock.

LOL Katie! I’m glad you liked it! I wrote it and sang it myself. Yes, that’s me, with the horrible, childlike voice. They forced me to sing it. I’m cursing at the guitar player at the end, if you were wondering.

I’m curious. Where did you get it? Napster?


Hey! When I search for Sopraños (with a tilde) I get the theme song from the HBO series “The Sopranos”. What’s up with that?? So then I searched for Sopraños (with a tilde) and the song “Danny Glover” and got “No matching files found”. ??? :confused: Oh well, I suppose I’ll email you for the cd.

Yeah, Silver, that’s cuz no one who has it is online. Only like 10 people have the song(s) right now.

I’m sendin you a CD anyway! You asked me in chat! :slight_smile:

If anyone else wants one, just email me.


Yo ho ho! All aboard! Last call for free CDs! See my ugly mug, hear my ugly voice! :slight_smile:


I’d love one Homer! Let me know where to send it and I’ll send you shipping. :slight_smile:

I also asked you in email, and you called me a TURD (among other things.)

So mean to me for no reason. I think I’ll cry. :frowning:

Just email me with your address.


To everyone who has asked for a CD and not gotten a reply: You’re going to get a CD, don’t worry. I just have quite a few people asking, so I haven’t had time to reply to everyone yet.


hmmmm. some good songs. I enjoyed a few of them. I got to say you remind me of the Frogs. A band from Milwaukee. I highly urge you to check them out. Some of my favorite songs of theirs are, Grandma in the corner, I’m sad my goat just died, reelin and a rockin part 1, homos, hot cock annie, purification of the race, Dead pussy in the road with mother’s name on top, prejudiced, and children run away (the man with the candy).

I would highly urge anyone who is easily offended, or even not so easily offended to stay far away from them. You have been warned.

I’m glad you enjoyed some of the songs, Oldie. I’ll have to check those guys out.