I am the Baby Whisperer.

Baby might be a misnomer here. I was checking out a customer today and she had a young’n that couldn’t have been more than a year old that was sitting in her cart. As I was ringing up the lady’s sale, the little girl started wailing. And I mean wailing. It was just one long continuous “WAAAAAAAAH!”

So I turned back and just looked at the baby. It stopped almost immediately and just stared at me. I smiled, then turned to finish ringing out the items.


I turned back. Baby stops. I turn away.


I turn back and point my finger at the baby. “No.” The baby stops again, staring at me in wonderment. At this point the mother is smiling.

This happened three or four more times as I finished ringing up the customer/bagged her items/etc. And every time I was looking at the kid it would stop crying and just stare at me, but when I was doing something else it would wail like a little fire engine.

I don’t know where this untapped resource of power came from, but I think it might come in handy in the future! :smiley:

That’s called “Nobody’s paying attention to me right now. I WAAAAAAAANT attention !” :slight_smile: