I am the Night (series)

Anybody watching? What do you think?

I hope some people chime in. I’d be very interested to watch this if I could figure out how to get TNT network :smack:

Are you watching it? If so, what are your thoughts?

My understanding (I have a friend who works for Turner) is that it’ll be moving to Hulu after TNT finishes the first run of it.

I’ve watched the 3 episodes that have been broadcast. Yesterday’s episode was very weird and left me wondering if it was with the idea that the audience had taken some 1960’s hallucinogenic drug. It was odd. Either that or the director was smoking something funny.

I’m hoping that these first 3 episodes have been to provide back story and context and maybe starting with the next episode, it will really get to the meat of it and what the story is all about. So far, it seems pretty disjointed.

I forgot to watch it, last night. (I’d seen the first two episodes.) That’s not a good sign about a series.

I like Chris Pine; I like the period-piece detail (particularly the Frank Lloyd Wright mansion). But the lead character is more of a model than an actress. Good-looking but dull.

And it’s really slow.

I’m loving it. It’s a fine neo-noir and apparently at least partially a true story. I’ll be seeking out the facts and maybe reading Fauna’s book (the basis of the show) once the show completes.

I don’t find it slow, it’s atmospheric. If you want constant action, watch something else. That’s not the kind of show this is.

I haven’t watched the latest episode yet - it’s on my DVR so will watch it this weekend. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s still at the point of there being a lot of questions. I love period movies/shows and a good mystery, so this is right up my alley.

I haven’t watched it, and we probably won’t. But the title always reminds me of this.

Have caught the first two episodes; this week’s didn’t record for some reason. I’ve got it rescheduled though so I can catch up…at this point, I’m still interested.